The Warp Core Stabilizers Killboard



  1. Hobert Umbrell says:

    Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the tremendous lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates.

  2. Thingy says:

    It would seem you are trying too hide where you ambush your victims on your killboard , needless too say your notoriety precedes you and no matter where you go your dubious practices will eventually find you out you moron lol !!.

    • qu1ckkkk says:

      Hey man. Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog!
      Here is a little tip on kill boards that might enhance your experience. Corp kill boards are sub-domains of, hence the “twcs.”. If you REALLY want to see where we are assisting our customers, feel free to remove the “twcs.” part in the URL and all will be revealed! 🙂 Otherwise, just wait a few hours and it will show anyways.

      fly dangerously 😛

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