You could have killed the guy in the gallente ship.

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Ninja-ing, piracy
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Well, here is “The guy in the Gallente ship”, but he didn’t die. He did however start the fight… kinda.

I warp into these blokes finished mission after probing it out. As I land a Drake and Abaddon that I saw on DSCAN down the gate warps out, leaving only the Brutix behind. The Brutix was not moving. I proceeded to salvage and loot some useless junk in the mission, when the Brutix promptly locks me up and fires. I haven’t ninja’d in such a long time that I actually forgot what my point range was etc. Needless to say I successfully pointed the Brutix, and kept my range while shooting down his drones.

Usually, as soon as I get shot, all the remote reps and the Orca starts making its way to the mission. This time however, I paused, hoping that his friends that just left local, would return to his aid. I kept my range at 20KM, shooting his T1 drones hoping that this could become a lot more fun! He seemed to be Blaster fitted and was missing ‘completely’ 😀

I orbited him for about 2-3minutes when his mates appeared in local. DSCAN revealed that the Abaddon and the Drake with names that I remember from earlier are back in local. It’s only a matter of time now…

First the Abaddon landed in the mission with us at roughly 30 odd KM. He locked up and fired on me as expected and I swapped to point him instead. However, I want to kill all of them! While warping the rest of my squad in I scratch through the loot in my Orca for a second point. The plan would be to swap some mid slot mod for a second point so that I can grab hold of one more while pewing the other. Hopefully this means they all die 🙂

The drake warped in shortly after my orca and scimitar alt and Immediately also shot at me. Now I have a Brutix, Abaddon and Drake aggressing my Merlin. My scimitar is orbitting at range from the Orca now as well, repping the Merlin. I do however have one problem now. I don’t want to lose the merlin, but due to the recent aggression changes, you can not swap to your gank ship from your Orca while you are being shot at. Either by drones or someone’s guns. I have 2 mission boats drones on me and them shooting.

My only alternative would be to launch the Sleipner from the Orca and board it in space. Then I have to jettison the extra point I have and refit that from the Orca. All while the scimitar keeps my merlin alive! This plan proceeds as explained and I manage to point the Abaddon and the Brutix. The drake was a little out of range at the moment.

Now here, the Brutix does the best thing he could have done all day, burn away from me. Eventually he was at such a range that I would have lost point on the Abaddon, ultimately forcing me to return. Obviously the Abaddon is the most expensive thing here and must die. The Brutix eventually warped out in structure, all while the drake decides to come a little closer. Close enough to get into trouble 😀

I check up on my scimitar and see that it was reaching past the half shield mark as they have been firing on him for a while now. Sadly I realized this too late. Remember I’m a little rusty 😛 The merlin however hasn’t died yet, but them shooting at my Logistics has put some pressure on me to get the deed done asap.

I manage to kill the Abaddon and promptly chase after the Drake as my next target. By now my Scimitar was really bleeding badly and I started to align it out to the station. The drake was reaching armor, still shooting at my scimitar when I eventually couldn’t risk the scimitar any longer and warp out the scimitar in 10% armor. At this stage what I also didn’t realize was the drakes drones were still on the merlin resulting in it getting blown up as the scimitar left grid 😦

Moments later the Drake goes p00f. If I had like 5 more seconds I would have been able to keep the merlin alive, but oh well.

 In the end, a Merlin for a Abaddon and a Drake is not that bad. And considering I was a little rusty too, the smile afterwards made it worth it 🙂

The killmails/battle report:



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