Testing the burn, pre-Inferno

Posted: May 6, 2012 in eve online, War
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Wow, much has happened since I’ve done a proper post about our beloved New Eden. Not too mention Burn Jita and Hulkageddon thats on at the moment. Nothing really amazing on the ninja front though (Maybe this deserves a linkage at least: http://twcs.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13222344 ). It seems like the shooty shooty MR era is either over, or in a phase where they have become very cautious. Hopefully this just blows over… and soon too. Nonetheless, its very hard to not go off on some spin in the light of all the proposed wardec and aggro mechanics changes that are imminent while we are bored.

If you have been following anything on the forums, fanfest or the devblogs, you have no doubt heard that Inferno is a “War Focussed” expansion. A quick summary of the changes include: wardec fee change  for the aggressors; the inability to end the war prematurely; official channels for mercenary contracts; war reports; killmail changes; missile launcher effects; etc etc.

I hardly ever update my test client before a  major expansion, but this time I was just too curious to have a look at whats in store. So, 1 geegabyte (1GB) download later, I was finally able to log in to see whats cooking. The test server (singularity) had like 302 people online at that moment. This is like double the number I am used to when it’s not a mass test.

I started off with trying to wardec Goonswarm Federation as they are the largest collective player entity: 

Well, shit. Not too worry though, as we as WCS. hardly ever really dec large 0.0 sec entities, but for those that made a living off this, its clear that that will change, quickly. From a merc contracting perspective, these seem to be found in Corporation -> Wars -> All Wars. From here you can filter for the entity that is at war, or just scroll through the very, very slowly loading list of or wardecs. Obviously being the test server there is a lot of crap at the moment too 😀 A corporations war history can also be seen by showing info on a corp and clicking the “War History” tab.

Hovering over a war entry provides a icon that looks like a [sword / why not a lazor or summing, or am I not the only one playing Skyrim ^^] that is clickable. Clicking here opens a window called “Mercenary Request”.

I am not 100% sure yet what happens when the submit is pressed, but filling in some text (assuming this is to advertise yourself as an available and willing merc) and a number (again assuming this is your asking price), no form of notification seems to go through. So, there seems to be no way to track this. Unless of course I’m missing something rather obvious here 😀

Pardon me if this has been mentioned before, possibly in a forum post,  but there is only one thing that I find rather worrying here. The focus in Inferno is to make, and I quote, “Wars more hardcore”. Considering the changes that have been proposed to accomplish this, I agree with the fact that the war must run its week, the fact that if you try some wardec-shedding-ski by joining/leaving an alliance the war follows you like a bad breath, and that allies can be acquired to aid. What I’m not 100% agreeing to is the cost implications and the one-sided ally system. The problem I foresee is because of the tremendous amount of increased risk from an aggressors perspective, as well as the cost to have a war running, it’s going to be rare to find some real “hardcore” wars. Why would I pay 1 bil (random amount I chose 😛 ) per week to wardec a reasonably sized corporation/alliance to get some fights, when I can offer myself for free as a mercenary? The defender corp has no limit on allies, so I fail to see why they would turn down “free help”.

The result of this could be balance problem in such that there are no wars started, and too many “mercenaries” available. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be wars, but I fear the “good wars” CCP is after might not happen as intended. All of this my own opinion ofc 🙂

On a maybe lighter note, the unified inventory is really something that will take getting used to.  It seems rather buggy and slow still too. I trashed the Ibis in that screenshot, but was able to see it in the tree view. Moving items to its cargo hold gives a log entry of: “11:26:43 Notify Your ship is no longer in the same location, so whatever it was you were trying to do fails.“, but it will still be rather confusing. Imagine you have like 20 Vindicators, all with the same name? Which one did you just trash? Or sell? 😦

Another rather important thing to note is to open a specific cargo hold/container in a separate window like we used to, you can SHIFT+CLICK the item in the tree view. This opens another window, merely with the tree view minimized, but helpful if you want to drag items between windows like normal and not wait ages for the slow tree view. I’m not too sure if I like this really. It’s awesome that they want to do something about the amount of open windows one needs, but the proposed way needs some more work imo. It just feels way slower that it used to be, both from a “I’m not sure WTF I’m doing” perspective and a program response time perspective. We will probably eventually get used to it, but it’s gonna be tougher than I thought.

One of my favorite new features in Inferno is the killmail overhaul. A picture just describes this better than any words can:

No more having to paste the kill on some kill board first before you can really see what happened. yay.

Amarr ships got some love with CCP’s “V3” project too. Man these look so good now! And ofc. all the new awesome missile effects. Load’s of videos are available on Youtube! I’ll end off with a few screenies:

Oh yeah, you can catch us now on IRC at irc.coldfront.net in #wcs-pub (or via this web url) or in game in wcs-pub channel.



  1. Widdershins says:

    I admit that I am definitely concerned about CCP’s apparent approach to setting price-points for wars in the new expansion. If they cost as much in the release as they currently do on the test server there are going to be some serious issues with wardec volume in the future, and with paywall-protection based super-alliances.

    CCP needs to tune the price of war declaration very carefully or this will not go well.

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