Exactly what I wanted to hear the Incursion runners say!

Posted: April 25, 2012 in eve online, General, War
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Yeah yeah, I haven’t posted in a while. Boredom is primarily to blame here. We’ve been running the odd wardec, getting some infiltration alts sorted etc. But nothing really post worthy to be honest. That was until I stumbled across this little gem this morning on reddit 😀


I have in no way done any calculations, but if this is true… /evilgrin.

Anyways, let me get a little update going here. The big happening at the moment was yesterdays Escalation update to Inferno. This update did not include any changes on the wardec mechanics yet, but I’ve had a little talk to a number of   peeps regarding this. TL;DR, for those that don’t know.The primary things changing to wardecs is the base price increase, then something like 500k ISK per member in the defender corp extra (effectively making a wardec on big alliances costs millions if not billions) , the fact that you can’t prematurely retract a war and that the defender corporation can recruit numerous allies where you as the aggressor get stuck as is.

All this if fine. Except where the only possibly negative effect I can see here is the amount of smaller wardecs (be it for grieving purposes or whatever) could reduce as the risk is just too high for these guys. I have the feeling most highsec PVP’ers will probably want to jump onto the new official mercing contracts, but whats a merc corp to do if nobody starts any wars? o0  Yeah I’m only speculating but it would be interesting to see how this eventually will pan out.

So, if I’m not in null getting my ass handed to me (yeah lol), or disbanding alliances ( they decced some mates of ours, so we return the favour as their Alliances description states them as PVP’ers, except they just never showed :/ ), then I should probably go see if I can find some of these angry (ex) Incrusion runners. 🙂



EDIT: Link fix


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