Yay for free Golems

Posted: February 5, 2012 in eve online, General, Ninja-ing, piracy, War
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Since my last post mentioning that I have returned to mission runner ganking, we’ve had some excellent fights and tears! We also have a new corpie that seems to have fit in perfectly! Time to share some of these ganks with ya’ll…

I’d have to start with a less exciting though interesting story. Those of you that read my previous post might remember the tengu that had the little aggro ‘bug’. Well, I got that bug again. Except this time without a successful gank.

The story boiled down to the usual scan -> steal -> shoot -> point. Though the difference here was he seemed to be mwd fitted, cap stable. No worries. The tengu pilot logged off after my failed social engineering attempts. Now I’ve been thrown with this stone before and am aware of the ‘bug’. So, in my attempt to prevent it from happening again while I wait for my orca to arrive and some suicide scams I make sure I fire off a few shots every few minutes. That did not help, and shortly after the old 15min timer happened he was no longer red =/

Log entries:

18:51:37 Combat Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II is well aimed at Shiptype: Tengu Pilotname: Jeff Rocketeer Shipname:  Stargate (BWF-ZZ) Alliance:   [OOS] Distance: , inflicting 18.8 damage.
18:54:43 Warning This action is an attack on your target. Attacking this target is a crime, will result in a security status penalty for you and will bring CONCORD to enforce the law by destroying your ship. CONCORD will kill you!Do you wish to proceed

Man, really? : (

So, I fire off a petition again and receive a prompt response from GM Alvaldi. In fact, he came on grid to see for himself!

I took a chance and started a convo with him, and after accepting the CSPA charge.. (really?? yes really o__0) he accepted. Now apparently I’m not allowed to leak conversations had with a GM or any CCP staff, so in the interest of “Covering my Ass”, I’ll paraphrase the conversation.

I was very tempted at that stage to just pastebin the convo at the time but took a chill pill in the meantime. Long story short, there was nothing he could do about the problem. I had him pointed and webbed, but I am not able to shoot at him without getting concorded. It seems like they are unable to make someone red again to the other without logging into that person’s account (which they also can’t do). They also don’t have the “tools” to fix the aggro. Only people who are logged in are to have their aggro tampered with.

He did confuse my petition with someone elses in which he mentioned he was able to off the aggressors repper whilst logged off so that the dude can kill him. Interesting. But here that is not the problem! He stopped being red to me after 15min WHILE I have him aggressed. So much for the logoffski nerf. Lucky for the tengu pilot, the best thing he could have done was to NOT log back in. : )

We were busy so long with the GM trying to get the agression sorted that the wrecks on grid were disappearing. Eventually we were simply too tired and had to accept the fact that CCP failed. Miserably. No I’m not mad! Anymore… πŸ˜›

Back to ninja ganking a bit later, I managed to get myself killed in a mission where a Hyperion and a Abaddon were. They both agressed at the same time but I was unable to get the perfect traversal etc to survive till the logi arrived. As the logi landed my merlin went p00f. With a scimitar on grid and a merlin that tried to point one of them, this surely had to be an alarming experience for the mission runners. The scimitar did not leave the grid though and I quickly reshipped back into the Sleipner. On TeamSpeak the scimi pilot was telling me: “They still here…” O..k… πŸ™‚ I jumped the gates and landed right on top of 2 blinking red battleships that needed some 425mm love πŸ˜›

It was a tough decision to make as to which one to go for having not been able to ship scan them with the orca. I figured since the abaddon is the more expensive hull Ill keep point on him and try kill the hyperion before he manages to warp off. Obviously a long shot but you never know πŸ˜›

Moments later the abbadon agresses the scimitar and we were able to have a second point available. Haha gotta love surprise point on a scimitar. I swapped to the hype for point and had the scimitar pin down the Abaddon. w00t.



After some fun around Caldari space, we packed our orcas and moved over to Amarr space. Sometimes, warping into 5 bots in a row really can get to a ninja. The best way to beat us, is to ignore us. No doubt. During our pestering in Amarr I scanned down a Navy Apoc. If I remember correctly it was a named ship i.e. “qu1ckkkk’s Merlin”. Somehow it feels like ships named like that usually shoot. He did.

Shortly after he agressed, local increased with 2 more people from his corporation. This normally is where it really gets fun to see what the mission runners bring to aid their friends. Only 1 corpmate landed in a retribution I think it is (that only had 1 mid slot pre buff btw) but it was way too late for the Apoc. As his friend was watching in horror what was happening, the Navy Apoc assploded, reminding me again why this game is so sexxeh!


But, it did not end there. I jumped next door into Penigram and noticed that there actually was A LOT of them in local. Immediately we started the wardec process and declared war on (What seems to be a bunch of Japanese) ANAHEIM ELECTRONICS Alliance. What fun it was!

To give you an idea. We’d have a polit zoom past us camping a gate in a shuttle. Hard to catch I know. We’d have a scout in Penigram see him undock in a hulk, warp to belt, and die: http://twcs.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12265327 That same guy would then come back in an Damnation, and die: http://twcs.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12265437

After the first to days of the dec it seemed like they were a little more careful. It ended a week later with 15kills to no losses πŸ™‚

Sometimes, when you ninja, you can get a little scared. You know. When you warp into a mission and there are like what, 14 Machariels missioning. When all the remote reps you usually have around is not logged in yet. We’ll, I have those feelings when there is any boat on grid that potentially has neuts. No cap means I lose point, and we DON’T want that!

Something like this happened when I warped into Sem Hunton’s mission that he was doing in a Navy Scorp. It took quite a few minutes for him to initially box me, but as he did that the NPC aggro was getting too much and I had to warp out. I emptied out my cargohold in the Orca and returned swiftly and resumed looting. A few moments later a hurricane landed, and because of my ever neut fear, I instinctively warp out before he could catch me.

On TeamSpeak I make sure my corpies are ready in RR and I decide to go back. I landed on a grid with only the navy scorp left on grid, continuing his mission. His friend was still in local.

A little bit later, the Navy Scorp boxes and agresses, and I give the order for the logistics to warp in on me. I know this hurricane will return so I MUST get cap from the logistics as soon as possible! My thought hardly crossed my mind when the hurricane and another drake buddy lands on me. By now I have 2 scimitars and my orca ongrid together with a hostile Navy Scorp, Drake and Hurricane all with aggro.

The logistics made best effort to ensure that I am cap xfered:

I did not see any indication of anything neuting me. I did a ship scan for what was on grid and saw a cap boosted hurricane with a shield transporter and a pretty std pew pew Drake. The Navy Scorp however, had some shiny launchers and ballistic controls!

With this kind of escalation we usually try to point as many as possible, but only the drake with a mwd was brave enough to shoot at the logistics. Poo. As soon as I ripped out the Sleipner, the Drake and Cane called it a day and left their Navy Scorp friend to die in silence. He was not really the talkative type…


Sadly he was the only one that died but oh well. The escalations always make it interesting!

Now this story I personally find hilarious! On my alt I usually wardec some randoms to chase around when I’m bored. This the Case with Peter Kion. Except his initial response to the wardec was kinda… erm… unique..

2 minutes after I action the wardec I receive a convo.

[ 2012.01.29 10:34:20 ] Peter Kion > hello
[ 2012.01.29 10:34:28 ] Peter Kion > what was that email for?
[ 2012.01.29 10:34:42 ] [alt] > hi, email?
[ 2012.01.29 10:34:49 ] Peter Kion > war dec
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:04 ] Peter Kion > was sent from your corp
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:11 ] [alt] > oh sorry, maybe I sent to the wrong preson?
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:17 ] Peter Kion > lol
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:20 ] Peter Kion > ok man
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:28 ] [alt] > :)
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:33 ] Peter Kion > fly safe
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:36 ] [alt] > sorry about that.
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:36 ] [alt] > same
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:38 ] Peter Kion > have a nice day
[ 2012.01.29 10:35:38 ] [alt] > \o

Lol? Ok so if that was genuine, I’m sure he will have no problem flying around in the Navy Scorpion that Is the reason for the wardec. I just have to plan it right. Ever since that conversation he did not log in again. Not once did I see him online, except for today. I rushed through to Penigram where I last saw him and had a corpmate run a locator in the meantime.

Once I found him in local, dscan revealed some interesting results:

A lesson to all out there. RENAME YOUR SHIP!!! Now that I know what we looking for, the probing took me a few seconds and I found him. My alt warped in, pointed and started pewing away on him.

I started a conversation with him, but I think he was not happy with me. He offered me 100mil ransom but I knew about the Navy Scorp and wanted that. BUT, he made it one better. Yeah. He jumped out of the Golem!

I have no words. Lets just paste the fit for all to smile at πŸ™‚

That’s all I feel like at the moment. I have my favorite WCS. BS killmail left to link though: http://twcs.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=12258466 Please note the sizes of the plates etc. XD



fly dangerously

  1. Lassie says:

    Could you maybe explain why renaming a ship into something not containing the name of the hull is something that slows down your scanning?

    • qu1ckkkk says:

      Well, in this instance by looking at dscan I was able to quickly determine what he was flying. If the Golem was just called ‘Golem’, I’d have no idea what he was flying, thus I was unable to just scan for a specific ship type. What I maybe did not mention was that he was initially flying a Navy Scorpion, so that would have been what I would have looked for. πŸ™‚

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