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Posted: December 12, 2011 in eve online, piracy, War
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Woohoo, my first post since crucible!

Man, this game is just so sexxeh, I couldn’t be bothered to blog instead of staring at ma internet spaceships now o_o…

Ok, ok, I’m lying. I was ratting 😦 Like, alot. Oh boy. And it was terrible =/ I was lucky enough to have a few faction spawns though, one of the most notable dropping the dark blood warp disruptor. After what felt like a lifetime I finally made it to -2.0 to be able to re-enter highsec as a whole. Thanks to a apparently ‘old’ bug in the standings system I had to re log to ‘apply’ my new sec status as I was still getting shot at in 1.0 sec space. Lovely.

During the time of me ratting we decced some corps. Funny thing was that half of WCS could not get into highsec at the time, though still we had our friends jump corp just as the dec goes live. So, we continue to dec the corps as they jump them. Sadly, this only lasted for a while:

We moved our attention on to move viable targets as more of WCS is able to return to the land of care bears and flashy neuts everywhere. Its hard as heck to not want to pew anyone in highsec.  🙂

We also have done quite abit of recruiting at the moment and we getting some fresh blood in as well as some seriously skilled pilots. Exciting stuff!

On the sideline, one of my old Ninja Friends was telling me about a corp that war decced him because he successfully ninja’d a Raven Navy Issue off them. We’ll, we decided to return the favor. Off we went and started the vote to dec (EVEWho link cause I can’t find them on dotlan =/ Maybe cause they haven’t had any kills? lol)

They turned out to be quite a treat… getting caught by a cane having 2 warp stabs fitted on faction cruisers and all :

This hasn’t been a good month for them it seems. Apparently they apologized to my friend for the Wardec… Epic 😀

Meanwhile, in Polaris:

Lol anways.

A little while back a few of us were playing on the test server. A GM (Can’t recall his name) rocked up at one of the FFA’s and started shooting at some peeps, one of which was a corpie. After some smack talk in local with the GM, the GM put 100 domi’s in my corpies ships cargo hold. He was fly an absolution 🙂

Without hesitation we all rocked up on grid and he launched then all into space. This was quite an attraction on local. The grid loaded so dam slow for abit but sped up as the people were killing the ships. 😀

A Erebus and some smart bomb fitted battleships arrived on the scene to end off the display with some pretty assplotions!

(Click to Embiggen!)

I also finally started capital training. No, I can’t fly the thing properly, at all. But, I’ts still a pretty awesome feeling! I got a Chimera for under 600mil a while back and got to unwrap the plastic like a naughty schoolboy!

The only painful part of the exercise this far have been skill books… Guess its finally time to learn Logistics V.

The last pretty funny thing was when we had a corpmate decide to change a POS password. He is allowed to change it and had a very good reason to do it, so we all agreed on it. What we didn’t bear in mind was that we had ships of his alt (that is not in WCS) under the shield. Among other things a Obelisk Freighter. I was not at POS at the time and we were communicating via TeamSpeak. We agreed on a new password and he started changing it. A few moments later, all I heard on TeamSpeak was:

"The Obelisk.... is 200km out of shield already!!!!"

LOL! Changing the password caused the ships that were not WCS. owned at the time to bounce right out!

That 572 km was the distance from the Tower to the Freighter. It was at 0…

For now, WCS is still recruiting. If you feel like giving it a bash flying with us, pop into WCS-Pub channel in game and have a chat! We have some plans on where we want to go forward and how we want to blow stuff up along the way. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling soon and get moar action!! In the meantime, hopefully I can get my ninja on again sometime, or get some juicy juicy tears to share with ya’ll again. It’s been too long, way too long! 😀 I have heard a lot from the community about the Orca mechanics changing. I guess we are going back to the days of how it was originally done. You know, before we have uber tanked, 500mil Worms 😀



fly dangerously


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