In space, no one hears you scream, except CCP

Posted: November 26, 2011 in eve online, General, Wormhole
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Somehow there has to be a way to get some dramatic music in on the title of a blog post.

EVE life is quiet. Too quiet. In fact, its so quiet… haha wait nvm. You get the idea. I am pretty excited about coming Tuesday. In fact, it seems like all of EVE is. And yes, that is a GOOD thing!

Everywhere in chat channels people are talking about which feature excites them the most. This is pretty contrary to the Incarna expansions that went, well, unnoticed? Instead of trying out the new feature we had channels filled with “How do I turn this crap off?” CCP obviously saw that and realized they HAD to do something about it. So much unhappiness and complaints, people leaving, cmon.

The most prominent feature that has me excited is the new Nebulae. Ever since they mentioned them at the fanfest I couldn’t wait for it. I remember when I started playing EVE how the visuals amazed me. Personally the nebulae is what gives EVE the personality and feel that it has.

That, together with new Tier3 Battlecruisers, some minor improved graphics (shadows), engine trails, corporation wide bookmars, the Hybrid weapon buff, Per ship orbit (FINALLY!), 100 saved fittings instead of 50, implants on killmails and new cyno effects really has to get someone out there excited! Unfortunately due to CCP history, the downtime on patchday might be longer than expected and it usually is. So queue a long skill!

After our parting with Burn Away we found ourselves exploring wormhole life again. With some allies, we quickly got settled. They proved to be the Gods of sleepers. Seriously. Class5 sites with no voice comms are pretty much afk-able (if there was such a word). Yes this depends on 1 or 2 peeps in dedicated roles, but its a lot less work that imagined. The experience they have with the sleeper class sites are unmatched form what I’ve seen. But, this comes at a cost…

Bearing that in mind I’m sure everyone has heard the rumors of how much isk can be made in wormholes. Well, incursions came and broke that. Totally. See, there are two options here:


  1. Scan. Scan.
  2. Gather a large amount of friends and move into a wormhole.
  3. Scan. Scan. Scan.
  4. Set up a POS.
  5. Scan. Scan.
  6. Notice someone is using your wormhole as a route to high sec.
  7. Freak out and hide in POS.
  8. Scan. Scan.
  9. Discover a new signature in your wormhole.
  10. Scan
  11. Once you eventually have enough peeps online.
  12. Scan. Decide to attempt some sleeper operations.
  13. Scan. Wait for more people to get online.
  14. Scan.
  15. Shoot at sleepers.
  16. Clean up the site.
  17. Wait for a way out to sell the loot unless someone wants to buy it all
  18. Eventually get paid
  19. Rinse and repeat.
  20. Scan
  1. Fit a ship.
  2. Fly to incursion system in high sec.
  3. Ask for fleet.
  4. Join fleet audio.
  5. Listen.
  6. Profit.
  7. Rinse and Repeat

The salvaging and waiting to be paid is also another thing that might raise some trust issues. This vs the incursion insta payment method is hard to compare. How do I know all this? Well, I have an alt that went on and tried out some incursions. Admittedly I was pleasantly surprised at first. Playing mostly a logistics role I can comfortably say that Incursions are the closest to PVP type logistics you can get in a ‘safe’ PVE environment.

The worst part of the wormhole section in my opinion is the extreme wait. No local. No gate to warp to to go see if theres something for shooty. Getting used to fitting a probe launcher to find something for shooty in a neighboring wormhole when solo is tough too. If you log in and there is no one online, well you tend to go see whats up on your alts and end up in incursions. lol.


From an ISK grinding perspective, Wormholes need a lot of active, self sufficient, eager yet patient people to make it a success. Its a miners heaven, a manufacturer too. Incursions on the other hand needs someone to fit a ship properly and listen to an FC. Hardly any patience required as there is always one happening somewhere.

All this waiting has gotten me to a grinding halt again. I’ve had less engagements the past month than I’ve had in a week previously. Sadness yes, but not to worry. It will change. My tear bucket is empty, but I smell a rainy season on its way. Its time to test out my new raincoat!

CCP Live Event

And in other news. Most capsuleers have heard of the recent live event that CCP had. The fleet leaving Polaris? Yes? No? Well, “I was there”. We’ve been actively recruiting, and one of the new corpies got me organized into joining a random fleet that was forming in New Caldari. I quickly scrammed to Jita to buy and fit out a new cane and haul ass to where the fleet was. Upon my joining we were at toughly 70 peeps in fleet. Once we eventually got mobilized we were sitting at 160 strong. Considering almost half of the fleet were from NPC corporations, I would make the assumption that very few have the experience of flying in such a large fleet, if any. Nonetheless the fleet comms were pretty manageable.

We watched the polaris fleet from the livestream link that was being spammed everywhere and quickly made way for the Tama Solar System to meet up with them. CCP did not hesitate to jump into our fleet that was waiting on the gate. The FC started calling primaries and all hell broke loose! I quickly had to ALT+SHIFT+Z as the lag was starting to become pretty bad. Once all the brackets were off its was pretty manageable

I managed to get on roughly 11 killmails before I died. Boy did I enjoy that! To make matters even more interesting, it seemed like all the CCP ships had 2 plex and one or two Nex’ items in their cargo holds. I know of a few peeps that managed to snatch a plex or two and bail with a fat grin on their faces : )

I left after I died, but from the news I’ve read, not long after my departure did some nullsec alliances show up with their I-Win (Caps, sub-caps, titans) buttons and some finish off what we started. Well done CCP. This really will be one of my more memorable experiences in the game 😉

Things seems to be stirring here in WCS. Watch this space! In the meantime, be careful. We might be watching you, waiting till that last sleeper pops … : )



fly dangerously


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