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Posted: October 15, 2011 in eve online, piracy
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One and a half months later and finally another post.

There is good news and there is bad news. Lets get the bad out of the way shall we?

A lot has saddened me about EVE, and I have been fighting a serious EVE burnout which is proving to be tougher than I was expecting. Apart from the obvious rants the most playing EVE (especially veterans) are complaining about (and everyone getting tired of the complaining on top of that), the part that I find the worst is those players actually unsubscribing and haven’t returned. I have met some awesome pilots on my journey and saddens me when they leave.

We have lost some corp members too due to this. (Mauler69 if you reading this buddy… 😀 ) This contributed even further to the new, yet unknown to me, ‘space silence’. Cliche warning: In space no one can hear you scream. But, I preferred it that way. It made me angry, yes. Countless forum threads, people unsubscribing, and the echo of silence getting louder was starting to get to me. But, I did not want to add to all of this. There is enough negativity around this game already, and there is no denying it.

I couldn’t find any more reasons to convince people not to go, because, well, they had reason to leave.

Yours truly was finding it hard to have a reason to log in as well. Apart from setting skills (all in hope that the ‘problem‘ will get ‘fixed‘) I wasn’t doing much. Days would pass without me even undocking. Id join the odd roam with Burn Away, but then I’d return to this silence. I tried playing other games in the mean time, but. Its. Just. Not. EVE.

Right. That’s the bad. : ) Now for the good! \ o / CCP Hellmars ‘Open Letter’. 

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Like water to a very very dry throat, that was the hope that MOST of EVE needed I am sure. It sure takes a man on a horse to admit openly like that that I was wrong. Ofc, this doesn’t mean EVE is fixed. No, trust is like a paper, and this paper has been all torn up. CCP is famous for saying things will go this way <—, but then they patch, break it, and have things go that way —>. They have promised more communication and it sure seems like were getting it : ). All this will be the process of ‘fixing’ the game. Yay to ship spinning returning, yay to capital re-balancing <emote> ROFL’s </emote>


WCS did however get most of their pilots close to -10 in this time.

Our travels in lowsec were pretty interesting, even though there was a crazy amount of negativity around the EVE community, WCS was able to make the best of it.

The ISK PVE wise was pretty good:

I also managed to pull out a Machariel blueprint out of a 7/10 plex. It was done  in a drake and yes, it took forever!!! -_- Again, I dont know how bears can do that all day : (

My first Titan Bridge was experienced during this time too! Admittedly I expected like these really funky animations and stuff but sadly I was not impressed. It looks way cooler with a Black Ops 😉

The most fun fleet fights I’ve had has to be in lowsec. There is just something to it…

So, on a lighter note, during my boredom I figured I’ll take a proby Stealth Bomber into a local WH that spawned and go and grief some WH dwellers. I scanned a TON of  wh’s, hoping to catch someone off gaurd but alas that didn’t happen. Instead, I did not read a WH’s information and ended jumping straight into higsec. Rememeber I’m -10? Oops.

I did learn an interesteing mechanic here though. When you are a criminal (less than -5 security status) and you jump into highsec via a gate, the police only gets alerted once you come out of that initial jump cloak. However, if you jump in via a wormhole, the police gets alerted immediately. Even though you are holding cloak. This means, to increase survive ability, if you do jump into highsec via a WH, warp away immediately. If you are lucky and popped out the other side within 5km of the WH, wait your session timer out and spam the jump button to get back in while you stick your tongue out at the police : )

We have learnt a TON during this time. Sadly, the Alliance that we recently joined, Burn Away, disbanded and ceased to exist on Friday 14 October 2011. The reasoning for this is beyond the scope of this blog, but rest assured no one left as enemies. At this same time we were asked by some friends we made a while back before going the pirate route to join them in some of their Wormhole operations. So, we agreed wed go try it out and see what we could find and if there is enough action there for us xD

On my 2nd /3rd day in the hole we had our first bit of action. We scouted out a WH with 2 Orcas and a Arcon under the shield. Watching them for a while they suddenly decided to close the WH leading to our system. Most of the pilots waiting with me, watching them, got back home, but the Archon and 2 orcas closed the hole so fast resulting in myself and another bomber being stuck. Not to worry. I give the order to decloack, spread point on the 2 orcas and call primary. Id love to see their face when a red decloaks : ) We proceeded to shoot at the primary when the orca I was poinitng warps off. Warp Stabs -_- I quickly point up the remaining orca and it seems like hes going nowhere soon. xD By now the Archon has also locked me up, but this orca is into 2/3 Armor already.

The Archon warps off (not agressing, WTF?) and the Orca pilot ejects. Instead of trying to take the orca we proceed to kill it.

Luckily for me, I haz probe launcher on my Hound 🙂 While I was busy scanning a route out, dscan was getting fuller and fuller with Rapiers Tengus etc. But, we remained safe. Local also started to light up abit.

[ 2011.10.06 13:03:57 ] Marvlyn > we close u wh ))
[ 2011.10.06 13:03:59 ] qu1ckkkk > And you?
[ 2011.10.06 13:04:07 ] qu1ckkkk > U lost a orca :D
[ 2011.10.06 13:07:23 ] Marvlyn > It not seems to you that you early rejoice?)
[ 2011.10.06 13:07:57 ] qu1ckkkk > you have filleth my cupeth with joy :D
[ 2011.10.06 13:07:59 ] Marie Padecain > It is not over yet...
[ 2011.10.06 13:08:14 ] qu1ckkkk > I LIKE your thinking.
[ 2011.10.06 13:08:20 ] qu1ckkkk > when is the next orca available?

We got a route out safely and jumped a highsec, wasting no time to dock up : )

So, while we are getting space rich, what are you doing? Lets hope WH life gives us enough action to keep us busy and that even a ‘little bit’ of the old EVE comes back.

o /


fly dangerously

Catch us ingame  #”WCS-Pub”

  1. Thx quick . luv your work.

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