Riding the -10 train with some GCC as the driver!

Posted: September 1, 2011 in eve online, piracy
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Wow, a lot has happened. Where to begin… Oh yes!

WCS. left the 0rphanage. For numerous reasons which I am not afraid to mention but will keep that off here. There is one thing though that I will post on this blog. WCS. was not kicked. We decided to leave. In fact, members left for our corp cause, well, you dont talk to anyone. And when they do talk its complaining about not getting on a POD kill on the Jita 4-4 undock and threatening to kick corps out of the Alliance for that. Really? o_0. That gets old, quickly. Instead members decided “Hey, I want to enjoy this epic game.” and did something about it! Sorry AD0PT. Whatever “leadership” (yes I just pointed a finger) told ya, if it’s said that we were kicked, I’ll start questioning them…

Anyways. From there we prepped ourselves for lowsec life. Most of WCS has not been down this road. We all agreed -10 it is. Yes, we are aware that the billionz of ISKIEz worth of mission boats we were killing will decline drastically, but, face it, thats not real pvp. Wait WHAT!? Did I just say ninjas don’t do real pvp?! : o I never said its not enjoyable though hahaha 😉 On the other hand, there are quite a few pvp’ers from the ninja community that I respect. Peace 😀

So, we set off on a mission to find an alliance that will be able to help us on this new venture of ours. We crawled killboard after killboard and finally came across Burn Away. From the moment we joined their public channel they have been nothing but friendly. Yes, pirates are generally considered not friendly, but this was a million times better than what we had to get used to for a month and a half. Maybe the whole badass idea does get to your head in RL and then you end up like.. wait nvm. These guys looked like they are exactly what we wanted. And so far its been awesome.

We sorted out our alts for some logistical work while we waited for all the cooldowns of leaving an alliance and rejoining a new one etc. In the meantime we resorted to some miner ganking to keep us busy. Funny enough, we found a ex-Hulk pilot that we killed during a war in a ice field. We got ourselves setup in a few suicide catalysts and got a warp in on him and proceeded to keel him. Another victim of ours that night was also not very happy with us too :

Once we got on the Burn Away boat though, we all dived head first to get rid of the excessive sec status! Bearing in mind that most of us are new to this, we quickly realized that gates gunz mean serious businezz when they shoot! haha. The Alliance also has a self hosted killboard with a pretty kick ass theme IMHO 😀 . Burn Away Killboard.

On one of the logistical runs I made with my alts, I crapped myself when I saw the red next to me, just to realize all is ok… ish. I’d love to see some peoples faces when they pop into local, and next to them is this bright red piwate! What an adventure!

Another thing I realized was that it seems like the killrights list is only that long. Unless I’m missing some pretty obvious “click here for the next page” button, I think I reached the limit 😛

I have personally only been on one official alliance roam though. I could not stop smiling for a whole day after the roam. A Nano / shield fleet is pretty potent as I have seen there. I think we killed close to 20 ships ranging from various battlecruisers / battleships including a vaga 😀 Most of the engagements were large fleet vs large fleet so the blobby crap was not that bad. Thank goodness.

Were learning alot and the ride so far has been pretty incredible. Hopefully I’ll have more screenies or Fraps’ for more material now too! 😀

(Yeah I had to 😉 )

I also had my first ‘carrier’ experience. I was flying a cane and here with me on the gate appears a harbinger. Without thinking twice I engage him and start feeling the burn of his lazors and the gategunz due to GCC. I was pretty much doomed when a corpie landed next to me to help. Hah, now his armor was dropping rapidly, when suddenly he lights this thing called a ‘cyno’. Oh noes. Few seconds later a Nidhoggur landed. RUNNN! Haha, we both got away and had some fun smack talking in local. Funny stuff.

All this lowsec piracy is good fun but in the back of my head I wanted to try out some scams again. I made quite a killing last year with some ancient ones and figured I’d test the water again. Well, in an accumulated time of about 2hours I have nailed 1.5bil in profits. That is crazy. In the spirit of me hoping to make more and increasing my potential customers I wont reveal the methods, yet. The profits were amazing, but I was lacking one thing. Tears. That was untill I got Cyrus Eyvind. 🙂 I got 250million out of him. He was a cool guy, untill he realized he got scammed 😀

From: Cyrus Eyvind
Sent: 2011.08.31 16:12
To: (xxxx),  

Hardy har. Very funny. That's what I get for trusting people (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

I would appreciate my money back, although I have few illusions that you will actually return it.

I had to poke the wound abit, so off I went to get a stick… To make reading easier I have reformatted the mails from top to bottom. Parts in ( ) are edited.

To: Cyrus Eyvind,
Welcome to EVE my friend ;)

From: Cyrus Eyvind
(Basically here he said He was not aware of this type of scam)

To: Cyrus Eyvind,
Now you are I guess? :D

From: Cyrus Eyvind
Laugh all you want. I'm going to pod kill you if you don't return my

To: Cyrus Eyvind,
But but.. why? You legitimately bought the items that I had for sale.
I have more if you are interested?

From: Cyrus Eyvind
You committed fraud. (xxxx) In RL that is a legally actionable crime.

To: Cyrus Eyvind,
Lets recall what happened here shall we?


Where where you forced at anytime to do anything?

From: Cyrus Eyvind
What part of criminal misrepresentation did you not understand?

To: Cyrus Eyvind,
The part where you were not forced to do anytthing, and volantarily
accepted the goods (xxxx).

From: Cyrus Eyvind
Oh, I hope you didn't plan to do any missioning in high sec. :)

I got tired of this mail back and forth so I started a convo.


Enjoy the lulz!!



fly dangerously


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