Posted: July 27, 2011 in eve online, Frigate Tournament
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So we had our first frigate tournament. Nothing big. We were only 8 peeps and mostly from WCS. We formed up in Sobaseki and everyone got together at the safe spot that was provided.

Entrance fee was 15million ISK each. That made the total prize money come up to 105million. The rules were simple.

  • – T1 frigates only.
  • – No faction or T2 frigates.
  • – Any mods.
  • – Don’t move more than 80km away from the anchor.
  • – Shoot to kill.

We all joined EVE audio in the “FFFrigate” channel and got organized from there. Everyone’s 15mil was paid in to make the total. After that everyone randomly X’ed up in fleet and I took the ‘who vs who‘ in the order that the X’s appeared.

First up was me vs Captain Crommel. We flipped a can to get the agression sorted out and the fight started. The fight did not last very long. It basically was a case of whos cap charges were finished first. I messed up and did not pulse my repper, so in the time my cap booster was reloading I couldn’t rep and, well, died :


We proceeded with the rounds until it was Captain Crommel vs Korporaal Paling. This was the one fair 1v1 frigate pew pew that could earn you 105mil!

The fight went on for long. Captain Crommel eventually mentioned that his gunz were burnt out. A few moments later Korporaal Paling took the final blow and won himself a nice 105 million ISK. Congratulations!!


If you would like to join in on this fun, join the ingame channel “FFFrigate”. The lastest dates a news will be in the channels MOTD.

See you there!



fly dangerously


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