Maybe that wasn’t such a good Idea…

Posted: July 13, 2011 in eve online, Ninja-ing
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So, EVE is down. Again.

Yesterday I was minding my own business as usual. You know, killing internet spaceships… when WCS-Pub‘s tab starts to blink:

[ 2011.07.12 16:34:04 ] DrinkAndFly666 > anybody near umokka?
[ 2011.07.12 16:34:09 ] qu1ckkkk > Jita
[ 2011.07.12 16:34:11 ] qu1ckkkk > whats up
[ 2011.07.12 16:34:32 ] DrinkAndFly666 > rattle shoot me
[ 2011.07.12 16:35:25 ] qu1ckkkk > NICE
[ 2011.07.12 16:35:38 ] qu1ckkkk > I need to go attended to food. would have loved to help! sorry.
[ 2011.07.12 16:36:30 ] DrinkAndFly666 > kk

The wife just got home and it was time to attend to meat world responsibilities. Sadly I really could not help there.

I returned to my computer a little while later. In fact, almost an hour later when WCS-Pub blinks again. How did he know I was back? 😉

[ 2011.07.12 17:20:07 ] DrinkAndFly666 > qu1ckkkk  here?
[ 2011.07.12 17:20:39 ] qu1ckkkk > yes
[ 2011.07.12 17:20:44 ] qu1ckkkk > what up?
[ 2011.07.12 17:20:49 ] DrinkAndFly666 > can you help
[ 2011.07.12 17:20:53 ] DrinkAndFly666 > point rattle
[ 2011.07.12 17:20:57 ] qu1ckkkk > yes
[ 2011.07.12 17:21:00 ] qu1ckkkk > hold on
[ 2011.07.12 17:21:05 ] qu1ckkkk > ill be on my way in a sec
[ 2011.07.12 17:21:07 ] [censored] > where?
[ 2011.07.12 17:21:15 ] DrinkAndFly666 > umokka
[ 2011.07.12 17:22:10 ] qu1ckkkk > fleet me
[ 2011.07.12 17:22:28 ] qu1ckkkk > x

I just un docked and started to RSB my main toon when I decided: “Why not help him out?”. I’m not that far out anyways. Because I ‘assisted’ my main, my alt is a valid target for 15 minutes for all the AD0PT wartargets. I cant risk my orca again 😀 I get my main toon in a buzzard and make best speed to system. I also logged in my scimitar pilot to help out with some remote reps in the meantime. At least until I can get my orca in system and use the Basilisk.

In fleet I was asking one question on top of the other. What ships have him pointed? Who is flying what? What is the tank situation etc. Eventually I was able to get my buzzard on grid and see for myself what is happening. I had my corpie on TS (and on grid with a Stabber Fleet Issue as he was nearby), but the other two guys we had to communicate with via chat. That proved to be quite a job in this situation. Remember, ninja-ing is all about speed and being ‘one up’ on your target. TS just wins 😀

My biggest concern here was that we might loose point. I don’t want anyone to stop warp scramming this Rattlesnake. Secondly, the drake that had him pointed does not have enough dps to break a rattlesnake. The only chance we have here is if the Rattlesnake is poorly fitted, or the MR agresses some of the remote reps. I was barely finished thinking when the Rattlesnake agresses Yuof Terona that is piloting an osprey. The osprey was holding fine. Once my scimitar was in system, Youf got his harbinger out.

I am still cloaked watching ‘helplessly’. Not long after the Harbinger pilot was able to agress was my Orca free to jump through to Umokka. I was watching the Rattlesnakes tank with my scimitar pilot and saw that these two battlecruisers were not gonna kill him. Not unless the MR dies of old age 😉 I bought some Heavy Assault Launchers for the drake and the high damage lazers for the Harbinger, loaded them in the orca and made best speed. It was then when the Rattlesnake yellow boxed the scimitar. Yay, but I need to stay until I can have the basilisk on grid. The next thing the Rattlesnke turns red to the scimi pilot. Only strange thing was then he wasnt taking damage.

A NOS? Huh!? But ok… I wonder if he realized that using that on me is an act of aggression? Anyways. My Orca was almost in system. The plan for now was to get these two battlecruisers refitted for higher DPS, and then get my Basilisk out and the scimitar pilot to Jita and back in a cane to assist in the DPS. Note. That is the plan. If he could aggress Korporal Paling too that would be great 😀 My Orca landed on grid and I jettisoned the Battlecruisers new gear. I swapped from the buzzard to the basilisk and started the reps. The scimitar was on route to Jita too by now.

[ 2011.07.12 17:49:08 ] Korporaal Paling > meeh, he is not even boxing me
[ 2011.07.12 17:49:50 ] Korporaal Paling > aggro
[ 2011.07.12 17:50:00 ] Yuof Terona > no he should be down for sure
[ 2011.07.12 17:50:06 ] DrinkAndFly666 > \o/

A few seconds apart from saying hes not getting targetted, and the MR shoots. How unpredictable do you want?! 😀 Now we are 4 guys that have agression on him and my basilisk that is not getting aggroed. 😦 The scimi pilot returned in the cane, but as he jumped into Umokka the agression timer was over. -.-

During all of this chaos a Gila rocked up. I saw that the pilot was out of corp and we have been busy for way more than 15min with this Rattlesnake so he was not a problem for me. On TS my corpie mentioned: “Hey, why is this Gila red to me? Its not a war target…”. It was about then when the Gila assploded. Maybe bringing that Gila to RR the Rattlesnake when he has aggro on 3 other toons and fitting it poorly wasnt such a good idea… lol

It was also at this point where I asked everyone to pull their drones back in. I realized the Rattlesnake was NOS’ing the drones and he previously NOS’d the scimi, so maybe, just maybe he’ll NOS the Basilisk. Korporaal Paling was on route with his Hurricane as well. At this point we were trying to figure out the Rattle’s resist hole. I do a ship scan to see what he has fitted.

ALL TANK NO GANK. lol. Another scan revealed a Officer Thermic hardner too. No wonder like 3 guys shooting at him is not hurting him. That’s one crazy tank. I was still not being NOS’d. He instead started to NOS someone else that already has aggro on him. Youf suggested that everyone orbit him at 15km and keep drones in. This will mean he must NOS me as its a small NOS and I will be the only thing close enough. We  made sure our fleet was giving bonusses as it should and proceeded with the orbit. Some time passed, but FINALLY he NOS’d my basilisk. w00t. I swapped to the tengu and started beating that Rattlesnakes tank as hard as I could!

Once the rattlesnake reached armor I knew the tank was dead and swapped to an Ibis I have in my Orca for the lols. I was able to target him and fire shot before he too assploded… finally…

“Civilian Gatling Railgun deactivates as TraideDefender’s Rattlesnake begins to explode” 😀

So after all that I have a one question.

Who taught the these guys how to fit? o.0



fly dangerously

  1. Yuof says:

    it was an em and a heat ressi mod not kinetic
    but great post as always

  2. Tuttelhofff says:

    Rattlesnake is fitted for afk-missionrunning. Drones do all the work while the ship tanks everything.

    Great post and blog btw, i’ve become a fan. 🙂

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