Greed is not always good.

Posted: July 11, 2011 in eve online, Ninja-ing, War
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This weekend, well, was terrible and yet it was so good. It could have gotten a lot worse! So prepare yourself for lots of win and fail. 🙂

First up, WCS has joined the 0rphanage. Say what you want, its been one heck of a fun week. Wartargets everywhere. A lot of kills come from the Jita undock but that is nice when you are actually working and want to play at the same time. All you see is some red flashy shit, pew pew, back to work. Every roam that I’ve FC’d or been on have always have had action too. Yay. I actually have 100kills for this month alone at the time of writing. Thats a personal best 🙂

It takes a little getting used to the way AD0PT does things, but you get the hang of it soon enough. Being organized is just total win. I also had the privilege of seeing a drake getting alpahad on the undock. The amount of DPS available is just mad. 😀

Its not always fun and games. We get trapped too. In this specific instance, we had a drake undock. Practically everyone agressed the drake and it docked back up. Not 2 min later it undocked again. Now, if you ever played station games before, youd understand that once you agress, you can not dock immediately. It was then when we had a fleet of War Targets land on us.

Funny enough, even though they successfully baited, we did not lose one ship to that. Awesomesauce 😀

One of our roams saw to it that we caught a ‘hauling’ Tempest on its way.

He was very quickly liberated of his ship:

One of the evenings I was loafing around at the undock, I saw a crane that came in from the Perimeter gate. Usually peeps land on the 4-4 Station and dock up immediately. Well, most do if they don’t land short and get alpha’d lol. But not this crane. Instead, he turned around and warped off. I was rather bored at the stage and noticed he warped off to the direction of planet I. I decided to take a chance and follow him there. I warped to 0, but figured he wont be dumb enough to warp to 0 too. Well, a few seconds after my warp completed, the Crane decloacked. Looks like he did warp to 0. LOL

No shinies no, but the grin I had on my face when he decloacked was priceless!

The Jita camping is fun ‘n all. I get to pod practically every wartarget that undocks which is fun 😀 Ive had 44 pod kills to date actually:

This however was not ninjaing. Its not the same feeling as killing that pimped out Faction Battleship. I returned to try out MR running ganking after spending my first week in AD0PT roaming and camping the 4-4. Oh boy did that fail. It seems like the scanning is a little easier again since I last attemted, though its defenitely not the same as pre-Incarna. I scan down an apocolypse and proceed with my investigation. The Apoc pilot warped out and back like two or three times, but I am patient and persistant enough to not mind at all. After a while a 2nd and third corpie showed up in local. I was getting a little hesitant as I don’t know what they were bringing. First a coercer landed on the first gate with me and I was like “PFFT, I’ll kill you while I point the Apoc, next!” Shortly after the third corpie landed in a Prophecy. OK… Well, were definitely are gonna play it seems.

At this stage we waited all the way through till my aggro was over. I jumped the gate into the mission again and went and stole from another can. I then noticed a 4rth corpie in local. Woa, this was getting a litlte too much. DSCAN revealed a Navy Apoc on its way… WTF? The Navy Apoc made its way to the mission just as the last rat popped. I was a little jittery at this stage and was very close to warping out. Moments later the Navy Apoc boxess and agresses me. I had my scimitar alt warp in in the meantime as I was not sure how much dps was on this grid…

Well, too much it seemed. The 2nd volley the Navy Apoc got off on me had me assplode into little pieces of space dust. I was so close with the scimi for RR that I actually saw the explotion on that toons screen while I was targetting.

Drat. I’ll admit, I was more unhappy about this loss than the tengu from earlier this year. I tried to approach the orca to jump into my gank tengu, but dam a pod is just so dam slowwww 😀

LONETRYY JANY. This name looks familiar. He is in a rookie corp in a Raven and I am next to him taking his loot. He warped out a few times. Eventually we both were sitting on the gate into the mission room where the rats are, when I target him. A few moments passed and he agresses. Note, he agressed. With what? A web! o.0

He also NOS’d which looked like a neut at first. Yes, I shat myself, but this guy’s DPS was rahter pathetic. I warped in the orca and scimi just incase and proceeded with a convo. He ignored it at first, till I swapped to the tengu. Suddenly he is willing to negotiate. I wonder why…

He did not say anything. Instead he logged off. -.- I was getting ready to swap back to the worm to have final blow with that when he logged back on. Oh well. he did not repond to any further attempts of communication, and so I proceeded to kill him.

After inspecting why exactly this name was so familiar I stumbled upon this: . Why oh why did he shoot me again? Oh! Maybe cause he hasnt seen my tengu trick yet? LOL.

I was still busy scanning in Otela when I noticed a war target jump into system. I was in the worm at this stage and warped to the Poinen gate to hopefully get a glimpse of what hes in. I landed and saw him in a Megathron. I was no match for him in my Worm so I did  my best to get away :D. I also immediately logged off, hoping hed stay and do his mission as I am assuming that is why he is here. I jumped my alt into a Buzzard and and started scanning. If I can get a warpin in his mission, hes dead 😉

I scanned for a full hour, but nothing. I was checking stations, he was not docked. There was a Megathron on DSCAN for a good few minutes, but also disappeared eventually. Yet, the war target was still in local. Just before my probes expired, I decided to call it a day. I was not getting this guy. Where the heck he is I don’t know, but he wasn’t scannable. I relogged my main account and momentarily he left system. I warped my scimitar to the Poinen gate again and jumped to Poinen.

I was just about set up again when I saw on the scimitar account that the Megathron is back. There were 2 war targets from the same alliance in Poinen, so again I was a little scawd. But, I have the scimitar so what the heck. I swapped to the tengu, and as he jumped the gate to Otela I warped to the Poinen gate. He already decloacked by the time I landed and I sucessfully pointed him. He also agressed back an the fight was on.

(click to embiggen)

Initially I was shooting him with EM assault missiles, but I was doing some pretty lame damage. My tank was holding fine. He was also only NOS’ing and not neuting so yay for that too. I swap to kinetic missiles mid-fight and there I was hitting him at like 750DPS per volley. He melted under my fire and got his pod out. . My scimitar was still in Poinen waiting to see if his friend will show up, but he never did.

I had a pretty nice convo with him afterwards I must say 😀

Now, for the moment I am less proud of. Roaming around in Amarr space I noticed an advert in local for recruitment. They were offering 200mil to freighter pilot as a ‘sign-on’ bonus. They had similar amounts for Orca pilots, hulk pilots etc. I ignored it at first, but near the end of the roam I was getting interested. I investigated the age of the player making the offer and noticed he is but one month old. His CEO however was a 2010.05 toon. I figured hey, lets join, grab the cash and sod off. Good idea, right? Wrong. I went through the whole recruitment process, applied to the corporation and proceeded to get my Orca to help these blokes in a mining op. Yes, I was gonna be orca support in a mining op -.- I just wanted the 200mil. Quickly I checked to see if I am even able to use the mining gang links and refitted my ninja orca to some level of mining support.

All I wanted to do was prove that I am ‘legit’, ask for the sign-on bonus, and buzz off. There was a lot of talk about crap like “Where you from and the likes”. I just edited that out the chat.

[ 2011.07.09 14:11:13 ] [dumb alt] > hi guys
[ 2011.07.09 14:11:16 ] Karthanis Templar > howdy
[ 2011.07.09 14:11:31 ] Karthanis Templar > not many of us on right now unfortunatly
[ 2011.07.09 14:12:03 ] [dumb alt] > its ok mate
[ 2011.07.09 14:12:08 ] [dumb alt] > i like it quiet :)
[ 2011.07.09 14:12:35 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > lol
[ 2011.07.09 14:24:16 ] [dumb alt] > shall i bring mining drones?
[ 2011.07.09 14:24:23 ] [dumb alt] > or do you have something to shoot rats with?
[ 2011.07.09 14:25:37 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > mining drones would be useful
[ 2011.07.09 14:25:43 ] [dumb alt] > cool packing them then
[ 2011.07.09 14:25:51 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > I pack T2 hobs so rats are covered
[ 2011.07.09 14:25:56 ] [dumb alt] > :D
[ 2011.07.09 14:26:35 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > Did we tell you where we are? It's  Zororzih Solar System
[ 2011.07.09 14:27:31 ] [dumb alt] > yeah 11 jumps
[ 2011.07.09 14:27:38 ] [dumb alt] > on route now
[ 2011.07.09 14:27:45 ] Karthanis Templar > sweet action
[ 2011.07.09 14:28:20 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > lol haven't heard that about scord before ;)
[ 2011.07.09 14:28:42 ] [dumb alt] > haha
[ 2011.07.09 14:28:49 ] Karthanis Templar > scord?
[ 2011.07.09 14:30:03 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > yeah
[ 2011.07.09 14:30:25 ] Karthanis Templar > oh scordite lol
[ 2011.07.09 14:31:29 ] [dumb alt] > :D
[ 2011.07.09 14:34:32 ] Karthanis Templar > you have your ship all set?
[ 2011.07.09 14:36:32 ] [dumb alt] > the orca? yes
[ 2011.07.09 14:36:38 ] [dumb alt] > iam omw to sys now
[ 2011.07.09 14:37:03 ] Karthanis Templar > alrighty
[ 2011.07.09 14:37:38 ] [dumb alt] > :)

Why I never realized something was fishy by now nobody knows. All I was thinking of was how to look as unsuspicious as possible and nab the 200mil.

[ 2011.07.09 14:46:54 ] Karthanis Templar > ok i need some caffeine lol. brb
[ 2011.07.09 14:47:10 ] [dumb alt] > lol cool
[ 2011.07.09 14:47:11 ] [dumb alt] > im 7 out
[ 2011.07.09 14:48:38 ] Karthanis Templar > ok back
[ 2011.07.09 14:48:43 ] [dumb alt] > WB
[ 2011.07.09 14:48:51 ] Karthanis Templar > thanks
[ 2011.07.09 14:52:37 ] Karthanis Templar > some of the ships on this game look like fish lol
[ 2011.07.09 14:53:38 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > Some look cool
[ 2011.07.09 14:53:44 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > But yeah others are like flying bricks lol

At this stage I went afk. I enabled autopilot and attended to some meatworld responsibilites. Returning to my desk I see I am in system. I also have a Mealstorm and a Hurricane scramming and webbming me. Immediately I realized what just happend. =/

[ 2011.07.09 15:02:11 ] Demonfuge Malevolent > So hey dude we are recruiting for a pirate corp, don't 
worry we don't want to blow your ship. You send 200 mill ISK to Demonfuge Malevolent 
and I will release you with the password to join our main corp

Drat. I never said I’m back so I tried to burn back to the gate. I still had the X-Type AB on and was able to get 43/ms outta this brick even with 2 webs on her. Once I reached around 7km from the gate they realized what was happening and started to fire at my Orca. Oh, shit. If I had a MWD I would have made it out, but yeah, its always “IF” isn’t it? 😛 I quickly made a estimate in my head and figured if I dont pay and they kill me, I loose ships including a semi faction fitted T3 thats in the SMA, Faction fitted T2 rigged Orca and a load of mods in the hangars and cargohold. If I pay, and they blow me up, well add 200mil to that previous total. If they let me go, well thats a 200mil lesson I learned.

This felt wrong in so many ways. I right clicked and payed. 159mil. I convinced them I only have that on my name. Lol, if only they knew. I was a further 4km away from the gate now. They told me I must contract them a hulk for the rest of the 200mil that they wanted and I realized they are gonna just blow the Orca up anyways. I bought some time by saying I need to transfer the rest of the 200mil to give them and waited till I was 2.8km form the gate. I transferred a further 41ml, and waited the last few meters and Jumped the gate. PHEW

I made sure I docked up asap and dropped the corp. Brilliant. As obvious as it seems after reading the chats, it wasnt at the time. I fell for that rock and solid.

Greed is not always good. No pun intended 😛



fly dangerously, lol.


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