Hey! Where did my bot go?

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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Mission bots. Touchy subject. Ninjas see them, a lot. Typically, they are only a few months old, fly faction fitted Navy Ravens, and have a sec status of 5.0. Many are in rookie corps. Others are in one man corps with the daftest names. Say the toon’s name is ‘MizzionBotz’, then he’ll be in a Corp called ‘MizzionBotz’s Corp’. Also, if you start a chat with them, they will neither accept nor reject the request to chat, until like half an hour later. You’ll just suddenly see this message ‘MizzionBotz has rejected the request to chat’. Strange…

80% of the Navy Ravens that I warp to I’m convinced are bots. We’ve been promised a ‘report bot’ function, but once that comes I doubt it will really bring any satisfaction. He wont disappear like when you ‘Report ISK Spammer’. Instead, killing them, now THAT brings satisfaction!

“TVU – CNR”  gets posted into fleet. I’m not particularly excited as I’ve said, 80% area bots. But, I try my luck in either case. Warping in showed that he has already completed the first room of the mission. I recognize the mission and know that the objective is getting 10 militants. Yes, militants are freely available on the market and contracts at very reasonable prices, but Its sill satisfying grabbing someone else’s. Its was a 60km + sprint to the next gate.

Once in the 2nd room, I darted for the “Blood Raider Personnel Transport” wrecks. They have the objectives. There are 2 of them. After killing them, a third random ship drops a can with more militants in it. This mission drops you a total of 30militants. If I remember correctly, you need 10. Odd but I managed to grab all 30.

In the meantime, looking up the pilots details revealed a 3 and a half month old toon in a rookie corp. Hes Raven was also called “Cosmodantel’s Raven Navy Issue”. Interesting. Everything this pilot was doing was ‘botlike’. He ignored me completely. Having said that, I still continued to salvage as I was getting a pretty good armor plate count out of the wrecks, so why  not finish it.

The last rat popped and I knew now it was time for this bot to start searching for the militants. From my salvaging there were a few cans left behind with metal scraps and other worthless loot in it. The bot tractored the cans closer and moved from one can to the other. Eventually, it seemed like it was stuck. It would target the one can, tractor it and them try move closer to it. Then again, tractor it and move closer. I flew right up to him and jettisoned him 10 militants, hoping that he would loot from my can. This was also not the first time I tried it. Still, the Raven continued in the ‘stuck’ cycle it was in. I then looted the can that it was stuck on. Moments later, my militants disappear and the Raven goes RED. YES!

Call it luck or anything you want. Doesn’t matter. Fact remains, he stole and now hes gonna die. To further prove my bot theory, not once did the Raven fire at me. He just stood there dead still, pointed. I had 2 corpies in the area as well. One was in system and bought along a gank cane to come and break hes tank. I was watching the Ravens cap with my orca. It did not take very long for the Raven to be neuted out. I also did a ship scan. Full set of Dread Guiristas Cruise Missile launchers, and a Gist C-Type Large booster.  Once the Raven was in structure I told the guys to go grab noobships and come back to made the killmail lulz more. They returned and each fired a few shots.

Once he was deep enough into structure, I was the only one firing at him to ensure I get the final blow. What a pretty sight it was 😀

Ahh.. “the item it was targeted at is no longer present”. Such deep words. Very few things CCP can do to beat the satisfaction of blowing up a bot’s Navy Raven. Unfortunately the booster did not drop, but its ok. I was smiling anyways as I know this was gonna be one win killmail. I noticed the name on the wreck again and deciced to check out the assembler of the ship out…

Another bot maybe?

Maybe I’m right… maybe I’m not. He does however have a sec status of 5.1..

To finish off business, I proceeded to send through our electronic survey. With this suvey we hope to better our services and try to better understand our customers needs.

Killmail : http://twcs.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10042960

Im guessing once this bot’s owner returns, he’ll think “Hey!? Where did my bot go?”.  😉



fly dangerously

  1. Yuof says:

    i can only approve this: There is nothing better than the Satisfaction of seeing a Bot-Ship assplode…..

    I only managed to kill a bot twice (the same one) but in my case in was not stealing but he actually fired on me… i swapped ship after wards an he never targetet me again….

  2. Not a pirate says:

    While I’m not really a pirate myself, I still find the though of some AFK-mission runner or Bot losing his ship due to lack of attention amusing. They should all get what they deserve, that is a mail starting with “so you died…”.

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