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Posted: June 23, 2011 in General
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WARNING: If you are a die hard Incarna fan and you can not see anything wrong with the 21 June 2011 patch, stop reading. Now. I honestly don’t have much good to share here. I am also immensely frustrated and suffer from a little EVE burnout as I write this, so most of these are ‘situational’ opinions. Maybe have a look at whats new in Hello Kitty Online…

Let me begin by describing my experience with Incarna 1.0…

Patch day was long, really long. I’m cool with that. Long skills in the queue and I could happily go a few days while they patch, fix and do what ever they need to do. I finally got round to listening to the latest “Fly Wreckless” (which was pretty good), and that got  my head working on the whole issue of Micro Transactions and the works. I don’t want to talk about that though. Listen, and make your own conclusions. Anyhoo. I got to work the following morning and popped open to read the latest on the patch process. Its been deployed, and there is a thread were people can report issues. Since I have started playing EVE, nothing REALLY bothered me too much which is considered a “issue”. Well, that was until Incarna 1.0.

As usual, people are complaining about the MAC client, but is seems like its been resolved. So, I opened up EVE on my MAC, and started with the auto update. I also went on to download the patch for windows for my desktop at home. I’ve always used the manual patch method. Since day one, and never have I had to do a full install or download the full client. The MAC auto update completed and EVE launched fine. I got prompted for another smaller update which I did, and finally I was able to log in. Yay.

Before the patch I did not dock up. I was still hanging around space. I loaded my character and warped to where I last logged off, thinking to myself: “Right, whats new? Oh yes! Captains Quaters! Guess I got to dock up.” What a  mistake. Being a work laptop and all, I have many other backgrounds applications running. For nearly a minute I wasn’t able to do anything. I nearly resorted to forcing the Macbook off, when its started responding again. WTF was that? Its a new 15″ Macbook PRO btw.

After everything seemed to have settled down, I found myself on a bridge with a room ahead of me. Ive seen youtube vids of SiSi, so I was pretty aware of what is going to be available. Only thing was, none of the youtube vids were THIS slow?? O…k… I proceed to walk down the walkway and call it instinct if you want, start pressing SHIFT and other keys to initiate some sort of run/jog as this dude was strolling WAY too slow for my liking. Nothing. Just, some, slow, ass, walking, that, felt, like, it, was, taking, forever. First thing I do once in the room, is sit on “My Sofa” and watch the CQ TV. Incursions, adverts of noobs that just joined and some Sov info. Cool. No really, that is the one cool thing I like. There, I said it.

(click to embiggen)

I spent about 2mins messing around, and then realized how much this sucks. Why? Cause its slow… really… really… slow. : ( I figured: “Meh, this is not a gaming laptop. It will be better at home.” I logged off, and continued my work.

Later that evening, I got home and transferred the patch to my pc and started the update process. Some tech background : I have 3 accounts. Each account has it own folder for EVE. Why? Cause I have this internal paranoia that at some stage, 2 processes are going to want to read/write one file, and something is going to hang/crash, in the middle of a fight. That is gonna suck. So I just feel better with 3 copies of EVE. The setup starts as usual, but moments later I get a error. Not a failed crc check on the archive, no. The exiting files, there is something wrong with them. Wtf… That borked that install, completely. I try a second time on another install, and without fail, same error. I’ve never had patching problems, ever. Lastly, I make a copy of the last ‘sane’ install I have left. For some unknown reason, patching succeeds on that copied install… HUH? Anyways. I copied it 3 times again and proceeded to login. Boo for reset settings ;(

I have 2 ATI cards running cross-fire, 4GB RAM, Quad Core CPU, a very decent Motherboard, lots of hard drive space and 2 x 23″ panel displays. The Captains Quarters was much faster than on the MAC yes, but with 3 clients running, nope. It sucked. Docking times were horrible too. We are involved in a lot of wars, so if you need to dock up and change ships, your gonna take a lot longer than what you used to. With all 3 clients undocked though, everything was fine. This patch is proving to be more and more disappointing by the minute.

I then disabled the station environment. Why? Cause its well, its kinda boring and resource hungry.I docked up again and was presented with this…

(click to embiggen)

What is this? Looks like 2D Duke Nukem will pop up from the side any moment now… No ship? Fail. If I remember correctly, if you disabled the station environment on the older clients, it would at least show a static picture of what you are in. What if you have like 30 different ships in the hangar? I know, you can open the fitting service, but is that really what you want to do? So to see what you in, you have to enable the boring, slow, CQ. 😦

The more I interact with other ninjas and players, the more bugs came out and the more sad I became. To name a few:

  • – Scanning MR’s has for some reason, became unbelievably hard. The 7probe method gets you a few hits, but you actually have to resize your probes for some BS’s. They nerf the whole un-probable T3 thing, but make scanning harder? What am I missing? All my scanning skills are at lvl IV at least. I use a t2 rigged buzzard with a faction launcher and probes. How hard is it going to be for guys without that kit/skills?
  • – When you swap out to another ship from the SMA on your Orca alt, the ship you changed from does not get packed away neatly as usual. No, instead it stays outside for some clever dude to jump into if you did not notice it. Yes, you might miss it cause the overview is known to have some bugs where it still shows the ship even though its safe in the SMA.
  • – When docked up, with or without the CQ, how do you open your orcas SMA, or Corporate Hangar? Fitting window again, right click the model… ah, the old menus 🙂 Did they not learn that more clicks != win?

These affect my current gameplay directly and obviously are high priority problems for me 😀 Some more less important crap is that it seems some Vanity Items prices are mad. Like 12 000 Aurum for a “Looking Glass Ocular Implant (right/gold)”. One Plex is 391mil now in Jita and converting it gives you 3500 Aurum. So, that is 3.4 PLEXES for that thinga-ma-bob that you put in your eye. That is 1,3BILLION ISK. HUH? Why so much? Why a new currency anyways? Also, there seems to be a problem where drone bonuses are not applied. I havent been out much yet so I cant really comment on this.

So what am I saying here? CCP had the task of rendering one room, with one character in it. The result? Its painfully slow. What is going to happen when we can all park around a table and have a beer? At 2 FPS? Not really one of my happy thoughts I’ll admit. From the patch notes I had this general idea (or hope shall I say) that everything was going to be faster. Reading things like “Optimizations”, “Tweaks” and whatnot gives you an idea we going in the right direction doesn’t it? Saying things like “More than 4 probes will contribute to the result” give you an idea its gonna be faster to probe, doesn’t it?

Anyways. Shoot me for the negative feedback if you want.

On a lighter note, I was able to kill a Navy Raven and extract a 400mil ransom / I was very close to killing him with my worm, but he killed the NPC’s just as I had him in armor, and therefore I didnt have enough DPS to break that shield boost.

Now where is that portal gun of mine?


fly dangerously


Its good to see I’m not the only one a little upset. Although I’m not EMORAGEWTFRU quitting… :

  1. Yuof says:

    we all rly hope you not EMORAGEQUIT. Oo

  2. qu1ckkkk says:

    Nah, but I do hope it gets fixed… Even if it means a new ‘optional update’ everyday after downtime.

    * qu1ckkkk holds thumbs…

  3. Yuof says:

    you lucky today update fixed the orca swap \o/

    it also states to fix the probe thing but i still have the felling it is worse than before incarna….

  4. Maegrim says:

    my poor raven 😦

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