What goes around comes around.

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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We have never really bothered going to Minmatar space for ninjaing, but a recent Merc contract had us find ourselves near Rens. While hunting some War Targets, causing some mission denial and everything that goes with it, we had our ninja gear move down with us, and proceeded to give the area a go. It didn’t take is long to get our grubby hands on this prize, but as you can see the loot fairy wasn’t in system. Meh.

Later, I got aggro on a Dominix. Now as I’ve said before, they scare me, simply cause of their neuts… This Domi was neuting me. I increased my orbit to 30km, until RR landed and did cap transfer to me. The Domi quickly realized this is not gonna work out for him, and popped out some Hornet EC-300’s. I tried to kill them as best as I could, but he got a jam off on me and bailed. First he warped to a safe, then a corpie reported he jumped the gate to next door. I proceeded the chase, but was just just to slow to point him up. I followed him to station, and he docked. Dam. That was one prepared domi. Well done 😀

We were hanging around outside the station hoping he’d undock when I noticed a yellow can called ‘PVP’. There was a hurricane next to it. I added the pilots corp to my address book with terrible standing and saw another 3 of them in local. All the pilots were not one older than 2011.04. Obvious trap : )) But I wanted to pew. Why I flipped that can, I don’t know.  The hurricane did not hesitate to aggress me. I pointed him up, and swapped to the tengu from my Orca. I had 2 neut RR’s next to me as well, so I was pretty confident I could break the cane, and whatever the other 2 corpies can bring. Well, that was untill I saw this happenening…

Not exactly what I anticipated… Classic logon trap. Epic fail from my side. Yes, I did try to deagress and dock up, but I was like 3500m from the station when I popped. Actually, I was holding fine, till they jammed the RR. That was when it was game over for me. And quickly too.

So we learn. I don’t feel completely stupid about it though. That tengu served me a easy 200 kills. R.I.P “FREE”.





fly dangerously 🙂

  1. P13t says:

    Thought it would be a jacked up MR getting that goo’ killmail……. Can’t win them all, though.

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