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Posted: June 11, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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If there is one part of the eve tutorial that needs some serious attention, it would be the: How serious can they be when they warn me that CONCORD is going to fry my sorry ass if I shoot at this EVE player game mechanic…

Or they need to make this one big ass flashing red message, complete with screetching sirens and all?

OK, maybe not. And hopefully no CCP dude reads this and gets funny ideas. =/

So why bother about all this CONCORD stuff. We all know the rules in Empire? Right? Wrong. This guy didn’t… Hopefully now he realizes the seriousness of the message. Too bad he learnt it the 1.2bil way eh?

That actually formed part of a longer story. Personally, I have this imaginary list of ships that I want to kill. This list is comprised of, well, one of every ship in EVE. So there I was a scanning, and I get Dominix Navy Issue to 100%. I check the imaginary list. Nope, haven’t keeled one of those before. I swap to bait and land in the mission shortly afterwards.

Once in the mission I looted and salvaged, minding my own business. Pretty much exactly the same thing the Domi was doing. Moments before I decided to move on, the Domi boxes me and starts to align out to a gate.

Shortly afterwards he pulls his drones. I was convinced he was gonna shoot and warp. My thought was barely cold when exactly what I suspect, happened. Remember, I haven’t killed a Navy Dominix before, so now I’m pissed. I was just just too late to point him. Stupid f r a c k i n g lag. 🙂

I logged off with a corpie in the system next door. Some time passes here. Those that are in the ninja game for a while knows what happens here 🙂

I relogged after a while and landed on the mission gate. The Domi was back in system and I was hoping he’d come back. Checking DSCAN, I see the Domi…

Seconds later a Rattlesnake lands. Huh… After him the Domi lands too, bright bright red 🙂

The rattlesnake also boxed me, which was weird… but you know what happened to him 😀 I swap to the tengu, point the Domi again. Boy was I happy!!! : )) I then see the CONCORD message pop up and to bum the kill put my 2nd point on him. The Domi killed the Rattles wreck and I saw a faction shield booster when I ship scanned with my orca so that made me grrrr abit.

The Dominix assploded in a graceful display of shrapnel flight. Yay, the wreck that survived had the shiny 😀

Next day, I offered my annoyance services to a Mealstorm. He proceeded to blow his wrecks up, but I wasn’t in a rush anyways. A long time passed when a dominix landed on grid. So far, there are 2 ships that scare me. A Typhoon and a Dominix. Why? Cause of the neuts. I don’t  want to loose my worm, but I spent so much time here… I am also convinced that this Domi is PvP fitted. That means a 80% chance of neuts and webs. But I am staying. Lucky I did 🙂

The Maelstorm aggroed shortly after the Dominix. Now I had to choose between the Meal or the Domi. I figured the Meal will have a higher chance of shinies, so I changed point to the Mael. The Domi had NOS and not neut, so that was win too 🙂 The orca landed and I swopped to the tengu. And…. POOF!!! Ofc the Domi warped 🙂

While I was writing this, we were mostly online preparing ships as we wardecced an alliance of 1900 members. Yip. We mad. We rallied up in station when DrinkAndFly666 called for RR support in Ruvas. Quickly we fleeted him and responded. He had a Scorpion Navy Issue pointed. He ninjas out of a station btw. so it can be done…

The Scorp was hurting him pretty badly as he was ganking in a drake. That caused him to warp. The rest of us stayed there. Some got flagged red to them from trying to rep the drake with bots, others got from stealing some loot. We all did something to turn red to the scorpion. He did not warp after nearly killing the drake. Instead he stayed. His friend landed in a dominix too. As soon as the domi landed, both him and the scorp boxed everyone from our corp. THAT got us excited. Immediately we started getting our Orcas and Remote Reps heading to Ruvas. Not long after that  a Tempest landed as well, and boxed everyone. This really was getting interesting.

Everything was happening so fast now. I was sitting in a dramiel (for the war remember?). Not ideal. All of us were on TeamSpeak. The next thing you know, one corpie after the other shouts “AGGRO”. w00t. It was chaos. People were jumping in and out, swapping ships, shouting for RR, calling primary, changing to secondary, asking for reps and and and and and basically freaking out. I havent laughed so much in a long time. It was a total madhouse to say the least. But we pwnd then with no losses. 😀

(click to embiggen)


The reason it started.

The multipurpose backup plan.

The last resort.

If we killed one more of their corp then we would have killed everyone in the corp 🙂 Better he never showed up I say.



fly dangerously


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