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Posted: June 3, 2011 in Ninja-ing, War
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I’ll admit. I honestly underestimated the Mercenary scene. Its way busier than I thought!

For reasons anyone in charge of intel gathering would understand, I cannot leak intel on our motives, so I’ll try my best to remain ‘neutral’, and leave New Eden politics to in game. 🙂

Lonetrek Salvage and Scrap. Currently ranked number 211 on Battleclinic, delcared war on The Warp Core Stabilizers. Why? I dunno 🙂 All I do know is FREE WAR is GOOD WAR 😛

We did the obvious intel gathering, added contacts to watch lists etc. I realized these blokes LOVE their forum trolling. Alot of it is lame, but the reactions they get, awesome. They remind me of that saying, “A ninja in your mission is like a hair in your soup.” They sure are the hair on the forums. 24hrs passed. The dec when live. Not long after it went live they tried to troll our post in C&P. It was proven pretty lame as they received no reaction on it, untill I posted the response:

“Lonetrek Salvage and Scrap Retracts War Against The Warp Core Stabilizers
Sent: 2011.05.30 03:22

The war between Lonetrek Salvage and Scrap and The Warp Core Stabilizers is coming to an end. Lonetrek Salvage and Scrap has retracted the war against The Warp Core Stabilizers. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours. “

Some lamer tries to troll me again, but fails, again. We only had a few hours left of the dec, when we started to finally see some LSS blood heading our way. We prepped ourselfes, and waited on a gate. As predictable as can be, they jumped through, and everybody engaged. They fielded 3/4 guardians as RR. Now the cool thing about neutral RR is, its not such a shocker if you use it yourself! 😛

A typhoon gets primary and melts, but soon manages to jump the gate. Second primary was a Hurricane. Although he proved to be tough (thank you guardians), we managed to keeeel him. During the engagement, LSS pulled what I would like to call “a wet one” on us. Mid fight a vindicator rocks up on the field (Not in LSS), gets accepted into LSS, and is able to agress. This tactic scored them a scorpion keeel. Not to worry. We know we fought well. And thats what counted here. LSS decided to bail as most have had their deagression timers pass by now, and proceeded to jump the gate. They ran. 🙂

(click to embiggen [note the guy in local :)] )

Later, intel reported a bunch of Vindicators and a Bhaal heading our way. We decided to not engage, but just a tad too late and they managed to grab a Typhoon of ours. By now I docked up and logged. Bed time for me 🙂 But a awesome fight nonetheless 🙂

Our forum post received an update that I saw the following morning. Kudos to the ‘little bit’ of true “GF” that there is amongst thieves: Forum Linkage. That was the end of that war.

Meanwhile back in ninjaville, stuff wasnt so great. Apart from losing a Basilisk due to a rookie mistake and having failed ninja attempts where bears self destruct, I managed to convice a Navy Raven to steal from me. The conversation was rather odd…

[ 2011.05.28 13:52:35 ] Pserad > hey
[ 2011.05.28 13:52:36 ] qu1ckkkk > \o
[ 2011.05.28 13:52:37 ] Pserad > sorry
[ 2011.05.28 13:52:41 ] Pserad > yup
[ 2011.05.28 13:52:46 ] Pserad > Sounds good
[ 2011.05.28 13:52:58 ] Pserad > i am just looking for a good corp
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:09 ] qu1ckkkk > Oh?
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:19 ] Pserad > Do you need pilots?
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:27 ] qu1ckkkk > Always.
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:28 ] Pserad > I am interested
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:43 ] qu1ckkkk > Want your objective?
[ 2011.05.28 13:53:51 ] Pserad > Normaly i speak french
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:05 ] Pserad > Black ops and pvp
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:09 ] qu1ckkkk > Oura Madusaari
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:19 ] Pserad > Have 6 millions skill points
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:19 ] qu1ckkkk > You can take that its fine. Then we chat recruitment.
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:35 ] qu1ckkkk > Oh nice.
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:36 ] Pserad > Ok whats the channel name?
[ 2011.05.28 13:54:41 ] qu1ckkkk > Any other ships?
[ 2011.05.28 13:55:03 ] qu1ckkkk > Lets finish here first. Empty the can before someone else takes it.
[ 2011.05.28 13:55:08 ] Pserad > No thats my best ship... i have a salvager ship and a std frig
[ 2011.05.28 13:55:29 ] Pserad > ok but dont kill me lol
[ 2011.05.28 13:55:39 ] qu1ckkkk > In a frigate? lol.

No, this was not my attempt at recruiting. I wanted him. Dead. And he doesn’t know that yet it seemed. Somehow I did convince him to take from the can, and there he lights up red as ever 🙂 All I do is point him.

[ 2011.05.28 13:57:25 ] Pserad > thats not nice
[ 2011.05.28 13:58:00 ] qu1ckkkk > You are the one that is shooting me? Now I am not nice?
[ 2011.05.28 13:58:20 ] Pserad > you have doing it
[ 2011.05.28 13:58:38 ] qu1ckkkk > I havent fired one shot.
[ 2011.05.28 13:58:47 ] Pserad > i no but i am scare
[ 2011.05.28 13:58:59 ] Pserad > i stop
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:02 ] Pserad > sorry
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:18 ] Pserad > i didnt kill you
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:23 ] Pserad > but i join you
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:30 ] qu1ckkkk > But you took off shield?
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:32 ] Pserad > please
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:37 ] qu1ckkkk > That was not nice.
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:43 ] Pserad > sorry
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:50 ] Pserad > i dont want to kill you
[ 2011.05.28 13:59:56 ] Pserad > nobody
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:03 ] Pserad > just want to play fun
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:12 ] qu1ckkkk > But you shot me? And you said earlier that you do pvp?
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:15 ] Pserad > with other players
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:19 ] qu1ckkkk > How can you pvp and not want to kill anyone?
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:29 ] Pserad > i will lose all
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:35 ] Pserad > its my monney ship
[ 2011.05.28 14:00:53 ] Pserad > please

“Its my money ship”. Huh? What is that? OH!, its his mission ship. My bad. Now I wonder why you would want to steal from someone in your mission ship? Thats called “I want to peeveepee you” in my books. The worst part of this was where I was trying to extract a randsom out of him. Urgh. It had me most annoyed to say the least. TL;DR, I wanted 300mil. He said he only has 100mil and a Caldari Navy Ballistic Controll Unit. I agreed to receive that as payment, but he wanted me to let him go first. No…. way…. bozo…..

I proceeded to keeeel him. And the conversation ended as follows:

[ 2011.05.28 14:15:16 ] Pserad > see you one day
[ 2011.05.28 14:15:25 ] Pserad > good played
[ 2011.05.28 14:15:43 ] qu1ckkkk > Still want to join?

I assumed that was the end of it. Until he replied to  my survey. The full email conversation. I created a contract for 50mil for the mission item needed to jump that gate :

I haven’t received a response and contract has not been declined… yet… 😀

Salvage that REALLY isn’t mine 😦

The weirdest thing ever happened to me in this mission… I wonder if I can petition it? lol. Here is the screenshot :

(click to embiggen)

That must have been the failest ninja attempt ever. 😐 One I don’t want to talk about. I did smack talk the bear a bit and had him thinking that I do have his scientists. He was convincing me that he doesn’t need it cause he already received the ‘credits’. Lol…

Later on I decided to revisit Ruvas. Ah.. yes.. Ruvas. More than 90% of my ninja killz are from that system. I received a ditress call from CONCORD and managed to relief a capsuleer of his Rokh. Shortly afterwards Yuof Terona calls in the ninja channel for some assistance as he too had a Rokh pointed. I fleet the guy up and swooped in in some RR. Here I realized a 2 month and 1 day old toon (at time of writing) was busy having at it in his Harbinger. Talk about inspiration. I repped and cap transferred the Harby with a grin like a proud father,  until Yuof convinced the Rokh pilot to help him kill me instead 🙂

That resulted in him being forcefully removed out of his ship. 😛 The chat history also showed some classic bear thought patterns. 🙂

Till next time…


fly dangerously


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