The little Gila that could, and nearly did!

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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Now don’t ask me what is going on, but more and more MR’s ships pop AS I land in their mission. It usually takes me a few seconds to realize what just happened, but 9/10 times it cracks me up real good! 😀

That description closely resembles what happened to “temiss” when I landed in his mission:

Yes I was lucky enough to see the assplotion, but it happened too fast for me to screenshot. I grabbed the few T2 lewts that dropped and thought Id try poke his wound:

[ 2011.05.27 14:58:19 ] qu1ckkkk > LAWL!
[ 2011.05.27 14:58:22 ] qu1ckkkk > =D
[ 2011.05.27 14:58:28 ] qu1ckkkk > You lost your ship!
[ 2011.05.27 14:58:29 ] qu1ckkkk > ?
[ 2011.05.27 14:58:38 ] temiss > ye;/
[ 2011.05.27 14:59:05 ] qu1ckkkk > want your mods back?
[ 2011.05.27 14:59:06 ] temiss > son was crying, and i was semi afk. f***
[ 2011.05.27 14:59:22 ] temiss > would be nice
[ 2011.05.27 14:59:50 ] temiss > i though u kiled me:)
[ 2011.05.27 14:59:56 ] qu1ckkkk > LOL no
[ 2011.05.27 15:00:09 ] qu1ckkkk > g2g chat later

Lets just assume I made another enemy there.  And no I didn’t have to go.. 😉 Now in an attempt to reproduce the feeling of “some time passes” I’ll tell the Gila story now. This was a few days before. I, for the very first time, get shot at by T2 Sentry drones. So why is this a big deal? Well, half of my Worms tank got ripped off that day, one shot.

Now THAT scawd me. At that rate, the Gila would have keeled me, no doubt. Obviously I the range etc was optimal, and boy did I feel it. He did swap to the Sentries before engaging me, but what had me excited at first was the fact that he was actually using faction drones, and as I landed, he boxed me…

The rest went pretty predictable. He shoots me. / There were no gates, so the Orca landed, I swopped to gank and poof he assplodes. Yay for some faction drone drops. I was also able to secure a 105 mil ransom.

Now, back to the original story. While scanning in Orkashu again, I notice an Abaddon on exactly the same bookmark as where that Armageddon popped to npc aggro. I pull probes back, jump into bait, and swoop in to go look for some militants or something to save. Its “temiss” again 😀 . I scratched through the wrecks that were lying around, when he boxed me. Think my manners from about 1.5h ago will get me shot at?

YEAP! 🙂 Everything goes according to plan again. Orca land, gank swop, dead bear. 🙂

[ 2011.05.27 16:34:09 ] qu1ckkkk > 80mil and you go free mate
[ 2011.05.27 16:34:40 ] temiss > ur bad person
[ 2011.05.27 16:34:49 ] qu1ckkkk > your choice
[ 2011.05.27 16:35:27 ] temiss > k
[ 2011.05.27 16:35:28 ] qu1ckkkk > yes? no?
[ 2011.05.27 16:36:30 ] temiss > paid
[ 2011.05.27 16:37:09 ] temiss > man stop
[ 2011.05.27 16:37:22 ] temiss > ist lame, i paid u be fair

This time it was I that killed him. But wait, it gets funnier. He died to two frigates! 😉



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