“Anyways I would like some isk back please”

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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Short answer. No. Ok, Ill explain later why. : )

So there we were. Cleaning up empire. Looting, salvaging, just to make it a cleaner healthier place for all. Instead of receiving gratitude for all our hard work and dedication, we get shot at. We obviously defend ourselves too. Oh, and while we at it, we dent some wallets and cause roughly 3BIL ISK  in damages, in one night:

Dead Golem and dead Rattlesnake.

(some time passes, ninjas take a nap, and wake up refreshed)

The next morning the winning streak seemed to have continued. My first scan was a Navy Raven (I’m convinced its a macro but anyways) and a Nighthawk. The Nighthawk was in a Worlds Collide. I ninja set my objective to save the Ships Crew, check Dscan to see which room hes in, and proceed to the rescue.  I land 0 off a wreck, grab the free ammo and watch as he locks and shoots. All that felt like only one second passed.

I’m the only online corpie at the moment and all the ninja intel channels are empty, but nonetheless my trusty worm proved itself again. 2004.03.07 toon and I still tank oK 🙂

The convo quickly turned into him assuring me that he is drunk and doesnt care if he loses his ship, until I offered a 150mil randsom…


  Channel ID:      -21761414
  Listener:        qu1ckkkk
  Session started: 2011.05.18 05:29:09

[ 2011.05.18 05:29:14 ] qu1ckkkk > hey hey there
[ 2011.05.18 05:29:47 ] Mortis Spiritus > sup
[ 2011.05.18 05:29:56 ] qu1ckkkk > how are you doing?
[ 2011.05.18 05:30:03 ] Mortis Spiritus > been better
[ 2011.05.18 05:30:06 ] Mortis Spiritus > kinda drunk
[ 2011.05.18 05:30:19 ] qu1ckkkk > oh noes!
[ 2011.05.18 05:30:31 ] Mortis Spiritus > srsly
[ 2011.05.18 05:31:13 ] qu1ckkkk > Thats not good news mate.
[ 2011.05.18 05:31:20 ] Mortis Spiritus > u trying to ransom my nH or just gloat
[ 2011.05.18 05:31:28 ] qu1ckkkk > Why are you pilotting your ship whilst under the influence?
[ 2011.05.18 05:32:17 ] Mortis Spiritus > good question lol
[ 2011.05.18 05:32:24 ] Mortis Spiritus > cause right now i dont give a f*** if i lose it
[ 2011.05.18 05:32:39 ] Mortis Spiritus > hlps that i can bou 15 more of them so i dont care about theisk
[ 2011.05.18 05:33:15 ] Mortis Spiritus > T2 fittings, no office3r/named
[ 2011.05.18 05:33:27 ] qu1ckkkk > Ok then. So 150mil and I let it go is an offer you wont take?
[ 2011.05.18 05:33:52 ] Mortis Spiritus > consider ing the fitting cost me 300m or so?  yeah ill take
[ 2011.05.18 05:34:08 ] qu1ckkkk > Ok mate. Pay up and we done here.
[ 2011.05.18 05:34:33 ] Mortis Spiritus > stop attacking
[ 2011.05.18 05:34:37 ] qu1ckkkk > I have.
[ 2011.05.18 05:34:44 ] Mortis Spiritus > if i hit armor ill let my ship die and u get shit
[ 2011.05.18 05:34:49 ] qu1ckkkk > You have 15seconds though. Else I resume fire.
[ 2011.05.18 05:35:07 ] Mortis Spiritus > sent
[ 2011.05.18 05:35:16 ] qu1ckkkk > Sec.
[ 2011.05.18 05:35:55 ] Mortis Spiritus > seriously?
[ 2011.05.18 05:36:02 ] Mortis Spiritus > f***ing nigger
[ 2011.05.18 05:36:19 ] qu1ckkkk > Now now. No need to get upset.
[ 2011.05.18 05:36:41 ] Mortis Spiritus > i paid u u f***ing inbred african
[ 2011.05.18 05:37:35 ] Mortis Spiritus > oh well, I only have 11b left instead of 12.5,   no big deal
[ 2011.05.18 05:37:48 ] Mortis Spiritus > and u still have to live with the fact that ur a nigger
[ 2011.05.18 05:37:49 ] Mortis Spiritus > peace

Yes I proceeded to kill him. Hey he was flying an internet spaceship whilst drunk!? Can’t let CONCORD have ALL the fun now can I? AND I got free ships crew. Mission accomplished.

(some more time passes)

Moving along. My next target was a Scorpion Navy Issue, signature ID ‘SMD’. I land in the worm and notice that I got to grab the Quafe Ultra before him! No problem. I do make sure that I steal along the way though, and almost immediatly he deploys drones and engages

I was SO hoping for something juicy here. As soon as my Orca landed, I fired up the boosts and proceeded to ship scan him.

w00t! now that will obviously get anyone excited I’m sure : ) I still had my original objective in mind… So I follow the scorp to the Warehouse, and secure the Quafe Ultra.

I now return my focus into milking this Navy Scorp, whom I suspected hasn’t realized what has happened yet. The NPC were hurting him too so that was more of a motivator : )) During the convo to follow, my friend had initiated self-destruct, and stopped it 9seconds before he popped. Now you see, if hed proceeded with the self destruct, I wouldn’t have had the kill as I ran into a ammo problem midway through the gank. DOH. Thank goodness he decided to 2nd guess the idea. As soon as he saw that I resumed fire though, he restared the self destruct, but way too late this time round.

(click to embiggen)

[07:09:45] qu1ckkkk > hey
[07:09:50] qu1ckkkk > 500mil or you die.
[07:09:53] Ramadawn > I surrender
[07:09:58] Ramadawn > ok
[07:10:02] Ramadawn > hold on
[07:10:18] qu1ckkkk > 20seconds
[07:10:21] qu1ckkkk > then I stop the reps
[07:10:33] Ramadawn > I need to move mobney
[07:10:40] qu1ckkkk > how long?
[07:10:49] Ramadawn > just give me a sec
[07:11:22] Ramadawn > contact asyiria pls
[07:11:24] qu1ckkkk > 15seconds
[07:11:47] qu1ckkkk > 10seconds
[07:11:48] Ramadawn > just conv him
[07:11:57] qu1ckkkk > who?
[07:12:18] qu1ckkkk > you die
[07:14:16] qu1ckkkk > and now?
[07:14:19] qu1ckkkk > you gonna pay?
[07:14:36] qu1ckkkk > or  you want to die?
[07:14:56] qu1ckkkk > yes? no?
[07:15:41] qu1ckkkk > sad sad
[07:16:32] Ramadawn > hmmm...no your sad
[07:16:40] Ramadawn > go to low sec where you belong
[07:16:45] qu1ckkkk > how am I sad?
[07:17:01] qu1ckkkk > you could have saved your ship? i was simply cleaning up the mess yo umade
[07:17:07] Ramadawn > picking on peo[le just having fun in safe space is sad
[07:17:15] Ramadawn > bs
[07:17:18] qu1ckkkk > how is space safe?
[07:17:22] Ramadawn > your an asshole

After he assploded, I docked up and repped some burnt mods. Not long after I receive a Convo from Ramadawn again. He wants his money back : )

[07:23:01] qu1ckkkk > hi
[07:23:27] Ramadawn > Why can't you just let people in safe space have fun
[07:23:37] Ramadawn > are you a psycopath or something?
[07:23:40] qu1ckkkk > Werent you having fun? I was?
[07:23:46] Ramadawn > no
[07:23:55] Ramadawn > You completely tapped me out
[07:23:59] qu1ckkkk > Yes, I get out the asylum next month.
[07:24:09] qu1ckkkk > You tried to kill my innocent frigate.
[07:24:14] Ramadawn > I was saving up to get out into 0.0
[07:24:21] Ramadawn > no you aggressed me
[07:24:23] qu1ckkkk > why do you need to save?
[07:24:29] qu1ckkkk > i did not. you shot first.
[07:24:42] Ramadawn > you went red on me
[07:24:53] Ramadawn > that mean you aggressed
[07:25:10] qu1ckkkk > nope. i simply removed dirt from a can that was laying around unnatended.
[07:25:10] Ramadawn > anyways I wopuld like some isk back pls
[07:25:43] qu1ckkkk > How much would you like?
[07:25:55] Ramadawn > people like you need to kicked out of this game
[07:26:05] Ramadawn > Enough a BS
[07:26:50] qu1ckkkk > you mean for a BS?

Safe space?! Wait, this is EVE right? He logged out shortly after that and never got my last msg I think.

Sigh, when will people start appreciating what we do for the environment and stop being so agressive…. hopefully NEVER!!!!


–qu1ckkkk (psycopath)

fly dangerously


He seems to have also started a eve-o thread Are you tired of high sec griefers?. Very appropriate in “Crime and Punishment” section if you ask me : D


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