Perfect salvage served with a bowl of tears.

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Ninja-ing
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"[16:06:49] Asibi Binim > NEVER attack The Warp to Shit  frigates. Check my Bio for details!"

Meanwhile, back in ninjaville. I am busy pestering a nighthawk and a Raven. I probe around their loot and salvage when a faithful noctis shows up. I manage to grab 2 cargo holds full of stuff. Upon finishing the last wreck, the Raven and Noctis warps off, but the Nighthawk boxes me instead. I warped my Orca in in the meantime to pickup the can that I have jettisoned when the Nighthawk decides to take the show.

My Orca lands 0 on me, and I swap to the Tengu as the Nighthawk was not moving. I also tried a convo, but was soon informed that I have less that 15minutes to kill the nighthawk. : )

After some cap draining and alot of these: ”

16:19:00 Combat Your group of Torrent Rage Assault Missile hits Shiptype: Nighthawk
Pilotname: Suki Love
Shipname:  ☼ Love
Alliance:   [HT] Distance: , doing 528.2 damage.

” the nighthawk assplodes.

(Click to embiggen)

Moments later I’m back in my innocent little salvage worm, and proceed to salvage the wreck…

The highest buy order is 16mil a piece here in the area so yay for that.

What did we learn today? Salvage the dam t2 ships!!! YARRR



fly dangerously


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