War, admin, some clever bears and a update in general.

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Ninja-ing

Ive had time away attending to some meat world goodies. I obviously missed on alot of fun but caught up fast : )

After catching up on all the mails, actioning the wars (yes we have 5 going atm \o/) it was time to get back to business. I join the peeps in Laah. Robin Hood gets the most epic kill in WCS history. THIS Nightmare. Now if that don’t give you a space hard on, nothing will.

My first target is a Tempest. I land, and I see a tengu and a drake too. Yeap, the time away made me unsure here. On comms I confirm what support I have. All I can make out is ‘I got a osprey’.

I’m hesitant about stealing. As rusty as I am, I forget to check names, age etc. Eventually I gather up the guts and grab some lewts. Not 5 seconds later….

Now that is some pissed off bear we got here. After seeing the names, I guess I should say, that is ‘one’ pissed off bear here?

Anyways. I receive excellent support as always. OBVIOUSLY I wanted to prevent the tengu from going anywhere, so i point him. Again, as rusty as I am, I forget to web, and the tengu was racing away at 655m/s. But that was fixed asap. The drake quickly realized that this party is not ending in him keeping his ship, so he warped. Practically all the support receives aggro from the tempest, and quickly they sort out the problem. I was still hanging on to this tengu. Eventually we got to 150km off the support, and all warp to me at 0. How much more convenient do you want? Gotta love missions that aren’t DED.

I decide to stay in my worm while the others break his tank. The plan was that they stop in structure and I get the final blow, but that failed  :). After a failed attempt at ransom too, his tengu assplodes and he loses a skill : )

The last interetesting engagement was not long after the tengu.

A corpie shouts for RR on TeamSpeak and quickly support warps to him. Hes got a Raven Navy Issue pointed. I barely start to rep the frigate, and get shot at. I was convinced I could hear him screaming as he saw me warp off. Little does he know Im coming back…

Back in the tengu, I rip chunks off his shield. My corpie swops to his gank and we attempt a ransom. If I remember correctly, he tried for 500mil. Moments later I realise he initiated self destruct. Both of us overload to bring this bird down now. The mission runner probably thought we were joking, but I guess he noticed we werent when he assploded too.

I investigated the screenshots later, and saw that he actually aborted the self destruct. : ( Maybe we could have seen the 500mil afterall.

(click to embiggen)

Oh well…

Finally. Clever mission runners. Boy do I love them. TL;DR. Corpie has a Drake pointed. And the drake died. Actually, he ejected when he hit structure, but the NPC aggro finished him.

But there is a funnier part to this… ONLY a screenshot can prove it.

I was the osprey pilot, the one that warped off like a ‘bitch’ : D Khan Voska, you the MAN!



fly dangerously


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