Free recruitment anyone? And some space dust too!!

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Ninja-ing

The “Toa Khan” saga continues as she is trying to warn all the Empire residents about ninjas. She has gone and created another two trial accounts for the sole purpose of “Breaking my business”.

Why exactly always a female character I don’t know. Oh thats right, they recruit better!

Now this story has two parts, but I’ll make it one post. But for now, bear in mind the mentioned toons and the story about it here ūüėÄ

We were playing in Venilen the previous evening. A drake and a hurricane¬†got themselves killed the at roughly the same time. The next¬†morning, as soon as I log, a corp mate shouts that he is gonna try next door as business was slow in Venilen. Not a minute later, he gets aggro from a drake. Immediately I’m convinced, so I pack my ‘treehouse’ (orca) and head next door. I get a safe spot, unpack the beer, and start scanning…

“[14:14:17] qu1ckkkk > BVV Rattle” gets posted into fleet again. Swap to worm and warp.

I jump 2 gates, and already in the back om my head I’m thinking about the nasty drone skills Rattlesnake pilots normally have, and that 2 gates might just be too much time for a logi to save my Worm. And yeah, I’m not uber confident with the Worm yet, but what I can say is, get one! : P

3 Gates later I land on top of a noctis. I quickly steal from a nearby wreck, check dscan in the direction of the 4rth gate, and see the rattlsnake AND a Scorpion Navy Issue. Round about this time my heart started increasing its pace like mad. I jump the fourth gate and lo and behold, Rattlesnake and Scorpion Navy Issue.

Feeling both scared and excited, I updated the folks in corp chat about both ships and the response of “This is gonna be interesting” is received :). Both toons box me:

The moment became too big for me, so I decide to bail acting “scared”, but actually I’m trying to buy time and wanted to make sure logistics are ready, HOPING they’d stay for the fireworks. Normally I keep ALL ships clear of the MR’s location, but this time I had the scimitar and osprey right on me, bargaining that they wont check dscan. I¬†returned, passed the noctis and momentarily sat next to these two very intimidating Battleships. I gave the logistics order to wait in the room before the noctis while I steal another can. The orca’s are also pre-aligned¬†to warp to the MR’s site just¬†in case. The only way I could see I could pull this off was if I was as fast as possible.

Both BS’s throw their drones out. All T1’s. My heart is pumping on behalf of a whole army by now as I brace myself for aggro. Moments later, both aggress me. There is so much adrenaline and excitement around me I struggle to control my shaking hand! I get it right to set my orbit, throw drones out, point, attack the enemy drones and shout in corp for the logis to jump.

The best part was when I realized that my worm was actually holding the 10 (minus the 2 I killed already :P) drones as well as the torps. Now I don’t know many times this happens in any ninja’s career, but there I was in a situation where I had to decide between a Scorpion Navy Issue or a Rattlesnake kill. A drone¬†whispers¬†in my ear and hints towards the Scorp, and I’ve killed 3 Rattlensakes this past 2 weeks, so I keep point on the Scorp. I also get a little more confident when I saw the RR starting to land on grid. As soon as the¬†Rattlesnake¬†saw that shooting a innocent worm wont count in your¬†favor, he warped.

By now the normal sequence of events would follow. But Instead the Scorp pilot had to engage both the remote reps, just to make life ALOT easier for us \o /. The Osprey changes to a hurricane and points the Scorp. I swap to the goo, and open a convo.

As soon as the convo started, I got mail too. I click on the new mail to scan through it and notice it’s “loly boom” making some demands:

The deal
From: loly Boom
Sent: 2011.04.25 14:22
To: qu1ckkkk,  

Good day, mr. Qu1ckkkk
The business of our corporation in the world of EVE is blackmail and 
extortion as murder and robbery are business of yours. 
We would like to make a suggestion to you. You give us 1KKK ISK 
and we will stop bothering your business immediately. 
It's your natural right to refuse but we afraid in this case your 
losses will be much greater. Moreover, you will probably
have to move your business out of Empire.

We will give you the name of the ISK recipient if you agree.

Sorry for using noobs as our agents, but it's corporate policy.

Nothing Personal
Best Regards,

I giggle at the mail a little, and return my focus to the convo that I opened.¬†It was a pretty lame convo though, but TL;DR is he almost jumped out. But when he started dragging it out for too long, and¬†telling¬†me “it says 15minutes before I can eject”, we proceeded to kill him. Did he really think I was gonna fall for that? lol, Or was he hoping that if it takes me longer than 15 minutes to kill him, CONCORD will¬†magically¬†swoop in and¬†relieve¬†me from my gank?


One dead Navy Scorpion later, I respond to “loly”‘s mail, basically thanking her for the amount of convos and new ninjas that got inspired because of her spam. Free recruitment FTW!!



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