The “Sacred” Art of Mission Runner Ganking

Posted: April 24, 2011 in How To

EDIT: This is a somewhat outdated post now. A few mechanics have changed regarding the Orca. Most importantly, if you are aggressed (aka: being shot at, or pointed, or have drones shooting at you, and NOT just yellow boxed) you can’t swap to your gank from the orca. Think of a way to get him to deaggress, or, launch your gank from your orca and board it in space (possibly losing your bait in the process).I’d recommend reading some posts on this blog to help spark ideas. Also, I’m still thinking about just updating this post or creating a completely new one. Not sure yet but stay tuned(tm)/EDIT

We’ve all been there. You need ISK. You have a level 4 agent available. In fact, you have a quality 18 one available. So, you decide to dust off that pimped Rattlesnake, jump into it and start grinding for ISK. You even go buy a noctis. Yes, a noctis. Just to gather all your precious lewts and sell it for moar ISKies. Or, you just need to fix some sec status cause you been a bad bad man : ) Whatever the case, missions are a very large part of EVE. Its good money, and if you can AFK tank Pirates Invasion then you could easily keep the wife happy whilst running some. 🙂

Because missions are such a great source of income, MANY people get upset when an uninvited guest rocks up and starts drinking their beer.

The idea behind this post will be on how to make those shiny ships assplode, while you still have the advantage. Call it “PVP with an advantage” if you like. In no way whatsoever is this a be all end all. It’s just one way in which to accomplish this. Please dont come to me and complaining because you lost your ship due a gank that went south. That is not my problem. Also note, you may just end up messing with the wrong guy and get your mining corporation wardecced by some very angry people, so Id suggest you make sure you and your mates are willing to face the consequences. If your corporation does not approve, or you dont want a wardec, make your own corporation or add one more member to a NPC corporation : P I have been ganking them for a while. Many people have asked “how”. This is my contribution which will hopefully serve as help for new guys, or reference for the veterans out there.

Mission runners very often than not have crazy fits on their grinding ships. Battleships seem to be the most common to have ‘shinies’ fitted, although I personally came across a completely faction fitted Caracal Navy Issue( and stuffed that kill up due to an improperly fitted baitship. 😦  ).

Firstly, well need to cover some theory, and then the actual how to.

“With great risk comes great reward”

CONCORD and basic aggression mechanics are a big factor in this profession. You absolutely have to know the highsec agression game mechanics in order to know how far you can go, what can get you into trouble, and what can count in your favor. The first challenge you will face is how to get the mission runner (referred to MR from now) to aggress you. He simply cannot just fire at you as CONCORD will finish him, and the same goes for you. Although this has happened to me before, it’s very rarely the case. If you steal some loot out of one if his wrecks, well, that changes the game completely. You are now a valid target to the MR’s entire corporation (rookie corps not included). That means, for the next 15 minutes, anyone in the same corporation as the MR that you just stole from, may freely fire and possibly kill you without CONCORD intervention. That is the risk you have to take every time you play this game.

         Tips on aggression:

  • Scope the MR. See if you are capable of killing him, and if you are not just going to waste your time, or possibly get killed yourself. The last thing you want is to tell the MR to pay 100mil to live, and you cant kill him.
  • Add the MR’s corporation to your contacts (Right Click -> Add to Contacts, and choose bad standing) and see how many of his corp members are in local. Once the MR realizes he is in trouble, he WILL scream in corp for help.
  • If you are still unsure, quickly look the pilot up on eve-kill or battleclinic and try determine his combat history. If he has never killed anyone on these two killboards, that should pretty much tell you how tough he should be. If he has killed 3445311256243623 players before with only 9 losses, well, I’d reconsider : )
  • If the MR does aggress you, you have 15 minutes in which to aggress him back. If that timer runs out, none of you two can touch each other. However, if you have him pointed or are shooting him, the timer will not run out.
  • Should the MR log off. You have 15 minutes  before he disappears. If you can’t kill him in that time, he will simply disappear. Yes, you read right. p00f, gone. You also run the risk if you use the swap method (explained later), that the MR will warp off to nowhere while you try to point him again. So, my suggestion here is, as soon as you have the MR pointed, convo him. Keep him entertained. Prevent him from logging off, especially if the situation is in such a way that you can’t get gank in.
“But what do I use?”
The basic “gank kit” consists of:
  • a scanner ship (expanded probe launcher with combat probes)
  • a bait ship (if you are going to be using the orca method to swap you will need a point. long point with a web is recommended. it’s also good Idea to try tank it as much as possible as drones do hurt frigates :P)
  • and a gank ship. (lots of dps + neuts. your advantage is that MR’s usually don’t have neuts/points, so active tanks are ok)
The scanner ship is obviously used to scan down the mission runner. The bait ship is used, well, to bait the MR into shooting you. And the gank ship is used to  make other ships assplode. Optional extra kit will be used by an alt. If you have an alt, then the best investment you can make is to get an orca. Why an orca you ask? The orca has a SMA. If you have used a POS before, you will know immediately why the orca is awesome. If you havent well, in short, you store your ships in there. No need to dock up, wait for a session change, jump into a new ship and undock. Ninjaing is ALL about speed. Although an orca alt is not a must, it will prove itself invaluable in the long run. Especially as you gain more experience in this profession. The orca can be parked somewhere in space and be used and abused there. Further, the orca can fit and use 3 command links for bonuses. I boost speed, point range and shield resist on mine at the moment, with all the supporting skills to lvl V. That brings my disrupt range on a T2 disrupt to 32km!! Other players may prefer other command links, but ultimately it will depend on the ships that are in your arsenal.
“Optional Extras”
And then, last but not least, Remote rep (RR). Be it armor or shield. Once you start ninjaing in packs, its pretty awesome to shout “RR” in your intel channel, and have 16 RR ships land that consists of a mix of Basilisks, Scimitars and Oneiros’s. I say 16 because I’ve personally had that, and boy was that funny. “It’s just a drake guys”, was my response that night  😀 With support like that, you can easily take on large targets where more than one MR is in a mission.
“Ok ok. I got it. Now where do I do this?”
Once you have your kit sorted, its time to find a spot to get some targets. No, do not go into rookie systems and pull this stunt. That is actually frowned upon, though any other place is legit game mechanics, and you can’t get banned for it. The only thing you can get is juicy tears\ o / + wardecs. Choose a system with lots of mission runners, obviously. You can use your map to help you choose:
  1. At any time, press F10
  2. On the World Control Panel, go to Star Map -> Stars
  3. Click on statistics, and choose “Pirate and police ships destroyed in the last 24 hours”.
  4. Hover your mouse over the systems and read the statistics. The more npc’s killed, the more MR’s there are, the more prey you will have.
“But where are the mission runner’s exactly?”
Now that you have a target system, you will obviously need to scan for a MR. Now I am not going to explain the actual scanning system as there are many great guides out there for this. The method I personally use is very well explained here.
“Go go go go”
Next, you need to jump into your bait ship, and warp to the MR. Missions usually have two characteristics. They will either have one or more acceleration gates that you need to jump, just like the MR, to get to him, or it will not be gated and you will land right in his mission. Sometimes, you may have scanned someone who is protecting their wormhole entrance, or sitting at his mining alt killing the rats. What ever the case, you need to steal from him. Once you have stolen from him, you will turn bright red to him within moments. Some people prefer to steal as soon as they have landed, others wait a while, salvage a bit, and then steal. In the end of the day, you need to steal. After stealing, he is free to attack you. MANY times, they don’t, but very often they do. Some take a while to actually aggress, but you as the ninja must just be patient. Patience ultimately is key here. To spice things up, remain alert for wrecks with a can right on top of it. Usually that is their mission objective, and very often if you take that, they shoot.
Finally, the MR shoots at you. Depending on your kit, you either point him, shout for RR if available and get your orca to warp in (while you kill his drones ofc), or you warp out, jump into gank from the station and return. If you lucky the MR did not warp out as well, and you can continue to point and kill. If you are using the orca, get him into a convo. Be polite in the convo, more than often they will remain calm until you swap to your gank and start to cause chips of his tank to fly into space. It’s up to you if you want to ransom him and honor it, or just kill him anyway. That is beyond the scope of this guide 🙂
Hopefully this help iron out some details. Feel free to comment below if there is anything I may have missed, or that you feel I should add, or just evemail me in game. This is a work in progress after all. 🙂
fly dangerously
  1. melakawa says:

    Damn good guide qu1ckkkk! Only suggestion would be to link in some videos for some of though to explain components like how to scan, how to manipulate the map, etc… there are some good ones already on youtube if you don’t want to make your own too.

  2. Jedi says:

    Very interesting… I’ll have my gank ship ready tonight and I can’t wait to start popping bears lol

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