The 30 minute Navy Omen

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Ninja-ing

Aggro! Yes, the scanned omen navy issue shot at me. It took me a few seconds to AB to the wreck, steal, and moments later he aggresses. Most wont beleive this, so the below screenshot will have to be proof:

Click to em-biggen

Yes, there is some random guy ranting in local, telling everyone how upset he is with me, and this Navy Omen pilot goes and shoots me 🙂 I did try and kill him with the worm, but sadly I did not have enough dps to kill him. So while I wait for the orca, I try and convo him.

As that was obviously failing, I was afraid he’d log off. He was burning 180m/s, and my orca was running at 189m/s. So for a moment, reduce your ships speed to 9m/s. Now image yourself having to have to travel 40km @ that speed! Urgh. Luckily my scimi alt was able to bump him and that sped up the travel.

30 minutes later, yes, 30 minutes later, the omen pilot ejects from his ship. I notice he jumped too late and watched the last volley finish off the ship.

I have no idea what the other two out of corp pilots were planning, but I was sure they didnt want to lose those ships to a Worm! 😀 Yay for my first Omen Navy Issue kill.



fly dangerously


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