Lol Bio – 1

Posted: April 23, 2011 in lolbio

Considering the vast amount of “friendly” pod pilots I come across in New Eden, I thought I’d try to capture all the good bio’s I see. Some will be funny, some will be just plain good looking 😉

Starting off, here is No 1:

Beginner Merc… Higher me if you want someone killed! Note: Not

all people that you want me to kill will be killed it depends on

how well skilled they are.

Need to list LvL of Target and Where he was Last seen. I also

need the Kills Name. Message me in game.

LvL 1:

Sandbox kill and is a Dead Man

LvL 2:

Easy kill and has a 90% Chance of being Killed.

LvL 3:

Medium Kill and has a 75% Chance of Being Killed.

LvL 4:

Hard Kill and has a 50% chance of being killed

LvL 5:

Not going to happen so dont even Bother to Ask.

So there you have it, what level are you!? : D

If you come across any other funny bio’s, feel free to evemail me in game.


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