Miners can jam too! Yes we can!

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Ninja-ing

A really loooong, slooow evening started when everyone was making ships explode but me! I finally get to kill a less than one day old executioner (which im still considering feeling bad about) and then the fun started. Shortly afterwards a fellow ninja shouts for RR in the intel channel. Like workers noticing the clock strike lunchtime, we all down tools and run to provide RR support. It was Angel Extravaganza, and as Murhpy would have it, it HAD to be in the room before the bonus.

All goes according to plan. My life saving osprey get pewed by the now furious mission runner, and I get to go fetch some gank. Back in my goo, and the fireworks light up!

All of the usual toying, ransoming and usual ninja-ness was going down, when another that was on route reported a hostile Arbatrator.

Now here folks I need to first draw your atention to the following link, just to give us an idea what you usually use this ship for.

Amarr Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Tracking Disruptor effectiveness per skill level and 10% bonus to drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield per skill level.

No matter at what level he has Amarr Cruiser, he wont succeed. 😛 Ok, lemme continue then. The arbatrator landed, and immediatly boxed me, I notice he is not in the same corp. I did steal while we were playing with out food though, just to make sure.

Not 2 seconds later, he turns bright red, and the famous “Crimnals wont be tolerated here” message pops up. I quickly look around in fear, just to realise that its not me this time CONCORD is after, but rather this arbatrator that is trying to jam me to death. Thank goodness for CONCORD.  😉 Here is the “I owe you“.

Anyways. we extract a 50mil randsom and finish the job. No shines nothing, but the jamming arbratrator, well that was a first for me 🙂

“And in other news”:

During all this woohaaa, I have my ever so faithfull fan that is keeping my name high in local, still warning all that batman (me) is coming to kill them and spoil their childhood memories. Whilst warning all of EVE, we still got 7 kills:

 Thats right ( in a dark voice ), dont attack my merlin. “Otherwise you are dead…”

* qu1ckkkk facepalms



fly dangerously

  1. Frank says:

    This was hilarious, love the name of the wreck 🙂

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