“Case closed.”

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Ninja-ing

Shortly after a Abaddon assploded, I get a mail from our friend ‘mighty1‘. Long story short. ‘mighty1‘ claimed we are ‘scawd’, cant fight or dont have the balls to fight. So, we decced him. Yes, a one man corp.

After the unnecessarily tedious amount of time the dec took to go live (CCP Really needs to fix that crap), mighty1 was linking us some of his fits in local. Interestingly enough, all of the ships he linked were jamming fitted. I wonder why he would want to do that?

24hrs later, the corp formally known as ‘RANDON2011’ shut down for business. All its member(s) left and decided to form a new corporation called ‘not another carebear war-dec’. Im sure they will be happy under the new management structure ^_^

mighty1‘ also claimed to have an incredible amount of knowledge regarding EVE and its sometimes complex mechanics. Thus, ‘mighty1‘ has compiled his very own, and I quote: “** Short survival guide for New Players ***”. Please refer to his bio in game or see the link below for more information on how to get hold of this invaluable guide that he himself has compiled. Thank you ‘mighty1‘. Knowledge from a toon started 2010.12.04 really is scarce resource!

Footnote: There is a long as mail with a lotta “Re: re: re: re:” in it going around. Once we reach a conclusion, ill link it here.


–fly dangerously


LINKS: mighty1’s Awesome survival guide for new capsuleers!!! \o /


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