Stop nagging. I’ve started it.

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Ninja-ing

\o, as that would be the most aproriate way to start I guess. Many people have nagged me to start some sort of blog to tell about the crap I, and fellow ninjas get up to. Will here it is.

In a nutshell, we came back from 0.0 as station spinning was just as good in highsec as it is in null. Only difference is, people in Highsec fly shinier ships! WCS has since then been recoving its members, with alot of new faces joining the scene too.

Some highlights:

– Not long after resuming the usual ninja business, I started off the ‘fresh start’ by watching a Rattlesnake assplode. I suspect that is where this guy decided to create a alt and try warn all of EVE about my ‘dirty business’… 126 Kills in Ruvas alone later : D Needless to say I have continued my ‘agentrunner’s killers’ job.

– This toon has been spamming local as far as he goes, and obviously watches my killboard. Thus he found me in Orkashu and came to spam local there. After some local smacktalk, he logs as he is aparantly ‘bored’. 2min after he logged and warned all the residents of Orkashu about my ‘dirty business’, this guy assplodes, after contracting me almost 130mils worth of faction toys as randsom. (Screenie to follow shortly).

– A little ‘social engineering’ came into play here as this raven pilot started to complain in local about me. Needless to say, we are BFF now 😉 Pastebin for the chat :

– And the latest woa kill will be have to be this guy. I have to thank the NPC angels for helping me break this mofo’s tank. Yes, thats 124,276 (48%) in damage that I did! My guns were almost dead from overheating. An interesting conversation followed were he apparently had a neut setup noctis (interesting) and jamming drake ready. I guess the fact that we were at like 100km odd from the warp in saved my butt.

Funniest moment : This lolfit Raven Navy Issue. Note the booster : D. He warped in and out of his mission probably like 10times, no jokes. With a warp stab, he came back twice after agressing me. A quick refit with the orca for 2 points, and its was game over. More than once after that has the double point idea saved me. I also remember him mentioning something about 100mil bounty on my head. Too bad  my sec status didn’t allow it at the time.

Feel free to catch us in game in WCS-Pub. We usually have a few friendly guys around willing to help. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to post more regularly too.

Till later.



fly dangerously


[13:16:01] qu1ckkkk > listen bud
[13:16:04] qu1ckkkk > we need to talk
[13:16:10] qu1ckkkk > if you want to represent me.
[13:16:22] qu1ckkkk > you gonna have to fix the spelling and grammar mistakes in your bio
[13:16:48] qu1ckkkk > really. its bad for business, and it makes you look like an amateur.
[13:16:51] qu1ckkkk > cmon man,
[13:16:53] qu1ckkkk > shape up.
[13:17:04] qu1ckkkk > :)
[13:17:04] Toa Khan > f*** of

EDIT2: Seems like my fan has updated his bio. I am no longer mentioned directly 😥

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