Imagine those were the words contained in a text, received from a friend. You receive that text after you have just asked your friend to move all of your assets around. The total bill for your assest is about, what. 22bil? 🙂

But lets go back a little so that I can explain the full story that led to this said 22bil loss…

With the release of Inferno, some pretty significant changes to the wardeccing system came into play. I’m not going to reiterate them as there are countless recourses available regarding these changes. However, most significantly these changes kind of `broke` the gameplay for us as WCS. Yeah, we were ninjaing a lot but we did like having the odd wardec or two running as well. Maybe blaming only the wardec changes might be a little harsh and seem like the easy way out, but the bottom line is, empire life was becoming rather dull, very, very quickly. So, we finally decided to take the plundge and head out to nullsec.

The decision about moving was rather easy, however the `where` seemed like the tougher choice to make. From the many discussions we had internally, it was clear that we had no interest in sov grinding, 1000 man `Press F1` blobs or anything of the sort. We wanted good fights, and lots of them. Maybe the odd opportunity to make a good ISK or two here and there, but most importantly, a lot of PVP 🙂 I hooked up with some other South African mates I’ve made over the time, and we decided to move down into Fountain, NPC nullsec.

fast forward to a few days before 19 August 2012…

Word had it amongst the Fountain Leadership that someones mates were having some fun with POCO’s in Maut Solar System. They were expecting some over eager hostiles once the reinforcement timer comes out, and figured we’d want in on a pretty good fight there. At best, we were to expect a heads up a day or two before the POCO enteres its reinforcement timer. We quickly internally made a plan on logistics on how to move about and waited for the call to say when.

After a few days we finally get the mail stating that the POCO is in reinforcement at 2:34AM EVE Time and that the timer is for 1day, 7hours and 13 minutes. That meant that we needed to be ready by 9:30AM EVE Time as the fight could happen any time after that. People were quickly shuffling, getting ships ready and by 8:30AM EVE the next morning, we were ready to move out and wait. Worst case no one shows up for this, but at best we get some pew 🙂

We moved out, with some people coming in from empire and others via a roam from home and waited outside of Maut. A bait carrier was warped to this POCO once we were all set and it did not take long for the hostiles to drop about 4 carriers, 5 dreadnoughts and a Titan on the bait. This was PERFECT. 🙂 We all warped/jumped in from all of the angles where we were waiting patiently and the fight started. Sadly the titan warped away very quickly, but at least we had a few other left on grid now to play! It was still very early on a Sunday morning for me, so most of the beginning of the fight I probably missed due to still being asleep… but I grabbed a few screen shots:

(click to embiggen)

As you can see, here I am trying to take cool screenshots instead of pointing and neuting caps. :/ A few of the caps managed to warp away because some in fleet seemed to be there to herp derp instead of point, but not all of the hostile caps were that lucky. The fight did not last very long, and both sides took casualties, but that really was an awesome piece of action right there. We ended very close to downtime  which was perfect to sit back and take a chill pill after the fight. I later today saw a post on EveNews24 about this very fight too:

Awesome! So anyways. Now, because some of us took the short route and clone jumped to empire to grab a battleship and head out to the highsec staging system, we found ourselves `stuck` in empire until the Jump Clone cooldown runs out. It takes a while to get used to all of the nuets in local, as well as the amazing DSCAN results that you so instinctively start puling every few seconds I can tell you that much. Being the trouble makers that we are, we decided to do attempt the ganking of some miners again, blissfully unaware of the horrific tanks they have now. I still had a few catalysts from previous ganks setup and ready, and promptly jumped into one in Jita and head out to the nearest ice belt that we had scouted. The gank failed, badly and it seemed that the tanks indeed are a little better haha 😛

We scratched the `ganking of miners` plan, and decided to just camp Niarja/Madi pipe and gank anything we feel like. Sec status was not really a problem as its easily fixed in null, nor is it really needed there anyways. We had a alt one jump out cargo scan a few autopilotting haulers coming from Amarr, just in case we might get something nice. Note the price of our fits 🙂

DPS for this was about 500 odd, having a 3.8million isk price tag. Not bad. And it made finding a worthwile target pretty easy. Of cource, worhwile in this sense could have meant that I need to find something with about 10 mil in its cargo, with a potential of a 50% drop rate, and already I would have made profits. Of course, having like 3/4 of us in fleet meant that we had over 2000dps with a total price tag of what, 15million ISK? Silly.

We were all chillin on the gate, talking the usual crap on TeamSpeak that didn’t really matter, when the scout pilot reported our first potential target in a Prowler. We were sitting exactly on the spot where the people would land when autopilotting. The prowler landed and we took the dive. I was a little hesitant at first that we might not be able to successfully gank a cloaky hauler, but when I saw with how much ease he popped I was pleasantly suprised. I even had time to pod the guy haha! The drop was feable, but it covered more than the cost of the gank ships.

While we were reshipping, the scout reported another “oh my word we have to gank this” target in a Iteron V. Problem here was that practically none of us were ready to gank as we were still waiting out GCC and refitting. So, the scout ends up bumping the Iteron V off the Kapuuten gate for a good few minutes untill the fleet was able to form and get ready. We count the “1, 2, 3, SHOOT” and boom, one shot the Iteron V out of the sky! Eve-Kill rates the kill at 3.6Bil, which is pretty close due to all the storyline BPC’s. Now this obviously had us super stoked as our `for the lolz` evening just turned into a very big profit.

We took a few minutes to recover from the last gank, and finally regrouped with new catalysts, ready to pounce on some more prey. It was not long when the scout starts screaming again over TS about the next target in a crane. Without being able to determine value, we decide to just go for it and gank it. As per the usual process, the target landed on the autopilot landing spot, and moments later upgraded to a pod. I can still recall the silence over TS when I linked the Eve-Kill for this kill… Yes, that is 22 freaking billion ISK, of which 60mil dropped. To make matters worse, someone managed to scoop the control tower before our hauler. haha. Now I know that there is always the dispute about Blueprint copies vs Blueprint Originals, but I have realized that the person who gets the final blow, hes killmail log will have the (Copy) tag behind copies. That being said, here is the original version of the killmail: Some quick “cut|awk|grep|sort|uniq” (dont worry if you don’t know what that is) and some maths here revealed that we had:

  • 551 Unique blueprints
  • 65 Blueprint Copies
  • 486 Blueprint Originals ( Amongs them Orca BPO, Oracle  BPO, Drake BPO, Rokh BPO etc…)

I am still speechless about this. I convo’d’ Wraiths Crono the next day to follow up in hes experience with using the WCS. Asset Reallocation program, and it would seem that he is not entirely satisfied with all of the aspects of the service. Apparently he asked his mate ( which we later learnt was his boss ) to move the stuff for him, and when he got ganked, texted the owner saying: “sooo I lost your stuff…” : o Full interview here:

The next day, for the remainder of the clone jumping cooldown, we went back to try our luck once more. It resulted in a dead Badger Mark II and pod We were getting bored very quickly, and so, to finish off before returning home, a loki gets assploded for the lolz:

For now we will remain in NPC null. We truly are having a blast down here and to be honest, if I ever had to leave, it will be with a heavy heart.

As always, feel free to catch us in WCS-Pub in game channel 😉

– o7


NINJA EDIT: Best killmail for the above mentioned Capital Fight:

Well, here is “The guy in the Gallente ship”, but he didn’t die. He did however start the fight… kinda.

I warp into these blokes finished mission after probing it out. As I land a Drake and Abaddon that I saw on DSCAN down the gate warps out, leaving only the Brutix behind. The Brutix was not moving. I proceeded to salvage and loot some useless junk in the mission, when the Brutix promptly locks me up and fires. I haven’t ninja’d in such a long time that I actually forgot what my point range was etc. Needless to say I successfully pointed the Brutix, and kept my range while shooting down his drones.

Usually, as soon as I get shot, all the remote reps and the Orca starts making its way to the mission. This time however, I paused, hoping that his friends that just left local, would return to his aid. I kept my range at 20KM, shooting his T1 drones hoping that this could become a lot more fun! He seemed to be Blaster fitted and was missing ‘completely’ 😀

I orbited him for about 2-3minutes when his mates appeared in local. DSCAN revealed that the Abaddon and the Drake with names that I remember from earlier are back in local. It’s only a matter of time now…

First the Abaddon landed in the mission with us at roughly 30 odd KM. He locked up and fired on me as expected and I swapped to point him instead. However, I want to kill all of them! While warping the rest of my squad in I scratch through the loot in my Orca for a second point. The plan would be to swap some mid slot mod for a second point so that I can grab hold of one more while pewing the other. Hopefully this means they all die 🙂

The drake warped in shortly after my orca and scimitar alt and Immediately also shot at me. Now I have a Brutix, Abaddon and Drake aggressing my Merlin. My scimitar is orbitting at range from the Orca now as well, repping the Merlin. I do however have one problem now. I don’t want to lose the merlin, but due to the recent aggression changes, you can not swap to your gank ship from your Orca while you are being shot at. Either by drones or someone’s guns. I have 2 mission boats drones on me and them shooting.

My only alternative would be to launch the Sleipner from the Orca and board it in space. Then I have to jettison the extra point I have and refit that from the Orca. All while the scimitar keeps my merlin alive! This plan proceeds as explained and I manage to point the Abaddon and the Brutix. The drake was a little out of range at the moment.

Now here, the Brutix does the best thing he could have done all day, burn away from me. Eventually he was at such a range that I would have lost point on the Abaddon, ultimately forcing me to return. Obviously the Abaddon is the most expensive thing here and must die. The Brutix eventually warped out in structure, all while the drake decides to come a little closer. Close enough to get into trouble 😀

I check up on my scimitar and see that it was reaching past the half shield mark as they have been firing on him for a while now. Sadly I realized this too late. Remember I’m a little rusty 😛 The merlin however hasn’t died yet, but them shooting at my Logistics has put some pressure on me to get the deed done asap.

I manage to kill the Abaddon and promptly chase after the Drake as my next target. By now my Scimitar was really bleeding badly and I started to align it out to the station. The drake was reaching armor, still shooting at my scimitar when I eventually couldn’t risk the scimitar any longer and warp out the scimitar in 10% armor. At this stage what I also didn’t realize was the drakes drones were still on the merlin resulting in it getting blown up as the scimitar left grid 😦

Moments later the Drake goes p00f. If I had like 5 more seconds I would have been able to keep the merlin alive, but oh well.

 In the end, a Merlin for a Abaddon and a Drake is not that bad. And considering I was a little rusty too, the smile afterwards made it worth it 🙂

The killmails/battle report:


As most of those reading ninja themed blogs should have realized by now is that most of us are noticing a sharp decline in the “shooty mission runner” type. A lot of speculation goes around the reason why too. But, sadly there is no sure fact to prove anything. The best we can do really is hope that it would simply pick up again…

Don’t let this decline in a more traditional method of extracting tears get your hopes down though. Many people have some clever ways of getting the entertainment they want out of EVE 😛  Bearing that in mind, I finally got around to getting my hands dirty with some corporation infiltration.

To be honest, it wasn’t that hard really. My method of finding a target I think was rather unique too 😛 So one day I’m bored as heck and decide to start scanning for a wormhole. The initial idea was to find some dude making a mistake, maybe not checking DSCAN and then getting relieved of whatever he is piloting as punishment 🙂

Turns out that the first wormhole I scan out is a Class 1… with 2 caps on dscan… Immediately I knew that these guys are here to stay 😀  Quickly I probe down all the sites in the hole and start the waiting game. Both the Thanatos and Chimera were just floating in the POS. It was not long though after I have finished probing the hole that some activity started to stir. They piloted the 2 caps and a Ferox and warped from the one anomaly to the other. I am in a cloaky Loki at the moment and after seeing the amount of drones they had there (refer to the pic) I decided I will wait it out and see what happens. Maybe I could just pop the salvager at the end and claim some easy profits 😛

But no, they guarded the Noctis that came to cleanup pretty well haha. During this time it struck me, I need to get into this corporation and kill these caps. Yes! That is what I must do. “/emote evil laugh muhaha”

I got an alt ready and made initial contact. Spun them some story about me being lonely miner needing friends and what not. They took a while to get me into the corporation but alas I got in. I was not asked for any API. Not once did I talk about the wormhole during recruitment though. Before I left the class 1 hole I got myself another alt inside the wormhole as a way to scan myself out. So this way I could get in and out without legitimately them even knowing that I know about the wormhole. I might have to add here that this is a highsec mining corporation and they are very hush-hush about the wormhole.

I have been in the corporation for 2 weeks, and after watching their activity times I took a change to go and peek in the wormhole to see what there is for me 🙂 They have logged out toons in the Capitals now so that is not my target. But an easy raid sounds good to me? I took my scanning-alt and scanned the new highsec, moved my main toon into the hole and watched. Once the hole was clear, I contracted over the bookmarks and made my first entrance into the wormhole:

Excuse the blanking out of the names, but so  many of them were not even renamed it shocking. Also, this screenie was actually taken during the heist and is missing some of the ships that we have already taken out. So anyways. I return home and decide that I will hit the coming weekend once they all have logged off. I also quickly browsed around the hangars and saw there are some nice items that I could grab there too! A quick estimate was say roughly 2/3 Bil worth of stuff. Not exactly a gold mine, but also not bad for my first time.

The week went by where I was not very active anyways when finally the Friday came! The planned time for this was like 12am local time. From the activity that I have seen, this is the time most of them have logged off. Essentially, the only guys I really want out-of-the-way are the ones that live in the wormhole. I had a few of the WCS guys ready too to help me out.

The plan was simple. Once they all logged out, I will enter the wormhole (which I scanned out earlier that day and got ready), warp to the POS and launch and bump the ships out of the shield. Then I will have someone in a POD that can fly the hull warp to me, board the ship and dock it up in empire. Easy. But there were a few complications. Firstly, the toon I am using is terrible in flying anything competent, so 90% of the ships had to be launched and bumped. What did I have to use for this? A MWD Fitted Omen :((( This had a major time factor to it. Secondly, the POS is hostile, so anything with a really long align time (or a pilot making  a mistake) could cost us getting blown up. Not that this really matters as it’s not our ships, but it would connect our names to this.

When the time finally came I proceeded as planned and launched the first Tengu. Once it was bumped out I flew to my alt, boarded the ship and warped to the best aligned celestial. Moments later a corpmate logs in!!! I did not have him on my watch list so I only realized this when I had already warped off with the tengu and was  MWD-ing back to the SMA. In vain I warp the Omen out and wait for the suspicion to rise in corp.

Like 5 minutes pass without a word being said in corp, and the corp mate logs off… Ok? I guess he didn’t notice? I hope. Everyone returned to their positions and we resumed. I bumped the 2nd tengu out and it gets transported safely. Upon launching the Broadsword, another corpmate logs in. This time I have him on my contacts list and noticed it immediately. I let go of everything and warp out as soon as possible. I was watching the POS with my main in the loki and saw that I had successfully warped off the Omen before he landed in the POS. PHEW.

Immediately he asks if the owner of the Broadsword had logged in. I play a little afk game and when I came “back”, claimed to know nothing.

[ 2012.05.11 20:57:09 ] [corpie] > for some reason [redacted]’s ship has been
abandoned in the middle of the WH.. but online members says hes not been on =/
[ 2012.05.11 20:57:16 ] [corpie] > odd
[ 2012.05.11 20:57:44 ] [me] > oh I was about to say i dont recall anyone looking
for you
[ 2012.05.11 20:58:50 ] [corpie] > just odd that its been left there is all, i
dunno anyone else who can fly it to have left it there either
[ 2012.05.11 21:00:19 ] [me] > hmm. i dont recall seeing a person by that name.
though I might have missed him
[ 2012.05.11 21:00:45 ] [corpie] > members list says hes not been on since last
week either
[ 2012.05.11 21:01:18 ] [me] > lol well then I dont know
[ 2012.05.11 21:01:43 ] [corpie] > niether do i 😛
[ 2012.05.11 21:02:02 ] [me] > hah
[ 2012.05.11 21:02:05 ] [corpie] > nvm 64 days training before i can put it back
in the hangar so nothing i can do about it
[ 2012.05.11 21:02:15 ] [corpie] > ill catch ya later

He logged shortly after that. I waited a good 20minutes just to make sure he doesn’t try to Ninja log in to try to catch me red handed. That didn’t happen.

From here it was pretty smooth sailing along the way. All the ships and items I wanted made it out of the wormhole, except what I thought was retreivers was in fact a mixture between covetors and retreivers. These ships mass’ was too much for the wormhole, so we decided to self destruct all of them 😀 Because I was able to fly them all out to a safe to get blown up this went rather fast.

The fireworks ended our evening and as we were all tired we called it a night. I moved the infiltration alt way back to the corporations home to try to minimize the suspicion.

The next day it was time to count up the totals. The heist netted me the following:

  • 4 Fitted Drake
    • One drake was T2 Ancillary Rigged with Dread Guiristas CPU mods and T2 Gang Assist modules
  • 7 Fitted Ferox
  • 5 Fitted Naga
  • 4 Fitted Buzzard
  • 2 Fitted Helios
    • 1 Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
  • 2 Fitted Viator
  • 2 Iteron Mark III
  • 1 Manticore
  • 1 Broadsword
    • 2 x B-type Active Resist modules totaling about 150million
  • 2 Tengus
    • 1 T2 Resist rigged.
  • Random loot and salvage

All the ships were stripped and hauled to Jita to sell. In total the profits from the heist netted 4 Billion ISK.

Now, here comes the really strange and funny part… This happened a week ago. I am still in this corporation. No mails have been sent out regarding a ‘thief’. No tears. Nothing 😦 I have liberated 4 Billion ISK, and that did not get me ONE tear. Not even one. In fact, when I log in, I am invited to join the guys in missions etc. HUH.

The one player that actually lives in this wormhole has logged in multiple times, and never has he said anything remotely regarding the missing ships/mods. He didn’t even ask about the Broadsword…

Maybe I’ll come back for round two sooner that I thought.